Reiki Is Rising And Is Now Being Used In Some Of The Top Hospitals In The US

Reiki represents a healing process that will focus on the human intention to heal another with touch. This method is included in the hospitals now, and it is offered. The patient will say the final word.

Dr. Jessica Utts is the Chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of California, and a professor has published her surveys in 1999. In her paper, she shows that parapsychological studies, together with her results, are very significant, they are even more important that some studies used to approve some medications.

Dr. Jessica Utts declared that the thing that convinced her was precisely the evidence. She just continued to search for more and more. She paid a visit to the labs and not only those where she worked, to see what were they doing. The fact that everything was under control fulfilled her.

Even her studies were compared to the experiments of the daily dose of aspirin helping to prevent heart attack, and the parapsychological tests were way better.

In her studies, she speaks precisely for remote viewing, but also she refers to parapsychology, which includes Reiki healing too. Reiki is a specific form of the healing process, that shares unique energy. The process is done when the expert places his hands over the body or makes a gentle touch with it. Many people say that the healing process Reiki can be done from a long distance, similar to a prayer.

It interacts with human intention, which means that our thoughts influence our bodies. Besides the influence on the body, feelings can affect our psychology too.

The document that Dr. Jessica used is from the CIA’s electronic and its title is ‘Paranormal Ability To Break Through Spatial Barriers’ which is precisely what it represents.

The studies that include some quantum physic also will show the same fact.

As an example, we can take the information published in the journal Physic Essays, which explains the process of how this experiment was used several times, so the experts can prove the effect of consciousness in shaping the nature of the physical reality.

The meditators were now in the role of observers; the human intention could collapse the quantum wave function.

In its study, the author wants to say that ‘5 Sigma’ gave the CERN a Nobel Prize in 2013 for discovering the Higgs particle. That was not even the Higgs, but okay. In the same study, they tested the meditators vs. non-meditators in collapsing the quantum wave function. The result presents that mental activity like the human mind, attention, intention, and consciousness affects the physical matter to react in some particular way.

Observations interrupted what has to be measured, and also made it. They needed to find the right position. And as a result of the previous actions, they produce the results of the measurement.

A study which was made recently presents to us that healing intentions and the energy could be stored in our organism. As a consequence, it can be used in the treatment of breast cancer cells in vitro. It is only one of numerous proves that the connection between the mind and the body is very close.

Still, there are a lot of papers and experiments that want to prove: You can use Reiki as a treatment for many diseases and improving our health only with our mind.


This healing process is very often used, and it is represented by the fact that from 2000, more people used this tactic, that therapists practicing another form of alternative medicine.

It is described as a study under the category of Distant Mental Interactions With Living Systems DMILS. The effects of the healing can be measured with electrodermal activity, heart rate, pulse, and electrocortical activity (EEG) — furthermore, electrogastrogram (EGG). When the scientists did the experiments, they concluded, based on the results, that Reiki is quite successfully repeated in all the labs worldwide.

Experiments of DMILS are related to distance healing present that there are interactions between people from a distance.

Dean Radin, a Chief Scientist at IONS, claims that the proof of principle that is offered by the DMILS represents the presence of significant interaction between distant people.

Now, that is evidence-based on enigma, which must be considered. Still, besides these facts, many scientists show resistance, and it is based on two different reasons. The first reason is based on “action at a distance” is impossible because it violates one or more physical or biological laws. The second reason is based on the neuroscience-based premise that the mind is identical to the brain, so it does not have the sense to claim that the brain activity called “healing intention” can communicate with anything outside of the brain’s own body.

Also, he reveals why the hospitals took so long before they include Reiki as a treatment. There is a concern that the area can be tarnished by experimenting for a phenomenon that is linked with superstition, spiritualism, and magic. Others say the results are not from all the effort of the treatment but the patient’s will and their report and feel.

In Maryland, USA, a person called Johns Hopkins, Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center, recommends Reiki as a treatment to his patients for relaxation, and to speed up the healing process, to reduce the pain and to decrease some other signs that the person may be experiencing.

And, with this recommendation, people accepted Reiki all together with acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and the integrative psychotherapy.

In 2017-2018, The Mayo Clinic reached the first place at for its competition for the best hospital honor roll.

It is the proof needed for including Reiki in your therapy. In the Integrative Healing Enhancement Volunteering Program, this hospital has quite a wide range of wellbeing and healing services, and each of them Reiki is a must. Furthermore, the doctors have a brief explanation, why they included it.

Another usage of Reiki is optional, and it is included in one of the Relaxation Services. It represents the second-best hospital in Connecticut. They are rich in Reiki specialist, and they train people to be professionals in their work. If the patient wants to have a Reiki treatment, he needs to ask the nurse.

The University of Pennsylvania, in 1973, created a cancer center, which will serve as a focus and motivation for all the activities related to cancer. As the years pass by, precisely In 2002, this center experienced a little modification of the name, and now it is Abramson Cancer Center. Also, Reiki treatment can have any patient.

Dr. Deborah Rozmen, the President of Quantum Intech, explains:

”Every individual’s energy affects the collective field environment. This means each person’s emotions and intentions generate an energy that affects the field. A first step in diffusing societal stress in the global area is for each of us to take personal responsibility for our powers. We can do this by increasing our coherence and raising our vibratory rate, which helps us become more conscious of the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that we are feeding the field each day. We have a choice in every moment to take to heart the significance of intentionally managing our energies. It is the free will or local freedom that can create global cohesion.”

In addition, we will present to you some facts that you may not know, and it is very beneficial to hear about them.

Our heart emits some electromagnetic fields that are changing based on our emotions. The human heart owns a magnetic field, and it can be measured up to a few feet away from the human body.

Positive emotions will affect your organism positively and will give you psychological benefits. It can boost your immune system by collecting the energies together. On the other hand, negative emotions will cause chaos in our organism.

Dr. Natalie Trent, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist and shamanic energy healer working on the integration of the scientific and mystical. To be precise, she examines the mind-body relations and medicine, all together with spirituality. She does that for wellness, healing, and prevention of some diseases and illnesses.

Her surveys were presented in the New York Times. Also, she is the author of a lot of scientific publications and two books that were awarded.

All in all, there is science-based proof because this kind of alternative medicine is included in the hospitals. They own a certain degree of validity, and something more than the science cannot explain. And if something helps, well, you do not need scientific proof.


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