Remember Your Purpose Lightworkers

A Lightworkers journey simply put, is exiting the 3D matrix and stepping into alignment with our higher self. We know that the more we are alignment with our higher self, the more our life and external world reflects this.

It starts out in the beginning, with us actually beginning the process of exiting the matrix. This is the time we start to realize there is more out there. We start to yearn for more and crave a more meaningful life. We sense that our life has some kind of meaning to it.

We face resistance from our family and friends, who do not understand our “why” for doing what we do. And the difficult part is that many of us don’t exactly know the why either. So when people ask, we stumble around looking for words. We can’t explain how we feel. It seems that we are looking for something others don’t seem to see.

The truth is, this is our higher self leading us. Steering us in the right path. Right out of our 3D matrix life, walking us towards our destiny. Nobody talks about how beautiful this is, in the very early stages of awakening. The fact that our higher selves, us, can lead us through the pitch-black dark, for what can feel like a long period of time. We know nothing and have no proof other than the fact that we believe in ourselves.

And then what happens in the dark night of the soul? We stop believing in ourselves. Although we have been confident in our path suddenly we start to doubt everything including who we are. And then what happens? Our higher self presents itself to us. We become aware that this is something of spiritual nature. We finally get a flicker of light in the dark.

It is the dark night of the soul that shows us the path we are on is lead by more than just a “series of good ideas.” When we begin to doubt ourselves, it is then that our higher self begins to mesh with our physical selves. And the most amazing part?

We set up these moments of doubting ourselves, planted them there on purpose, for the exact purpose of expanding awareness. Because it is in those moments of doubt and surrender, that we are forced to gain a grip on who we are. And when we realize we don’t know, it is then that we realize the 3D version of us was never us. That we are so much more. It is then that we begin to realize that we are divine expressions of source within a physical vessel. It is then that we start to connect with our higher dimensional aspects who we start to realize are us more and more.

When we are on the journey, it is easy for us to get focused on that which we don’t yet have. Especially when we become aware of all that is possible. Whether you are in the early stage of your spiritual awakening, or whether you have been doing this for years, I have a message for you today.

Our minds will always want to know more and everything all at once. And it will become frustrated at this. It is important to remember that you already know everything. Some days our mind can trick us into believing we are out of alignment or far away from our destiny. But we never know if it could be coming to us tomorrow, or even an hour later. The mind wants to be sure of things, the mind wants to have evidence that things are going to work out. The mind wants to know that everything is right for it to be okay. For us to be able to enjoy our lives. To relax, to reach out to a stranger, to dance in the rain.

What I want to remind you of today, is that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. The idea that you are far away is purely illusion. I know this is not always the thing you want to hear when you genuinely are concerned about circumstances in your life, I totally understand this. What i have taken from this journey, is that it is never me that needs the knowing in order to live. I have realized that with every time I have wanted to know how something is going to work out, that thing that I am so focused on actually happens when I am living. I realized that I never actually end up “knowing how it’s going to work out.” It happens while I am living my life.

This journey will continue to cause me to surrender to my need to know. It is when we live, when we are forced to be in the present moment, that we actually realize we already know everything we need. I realized this today when a stranger approached me to have a conversation with me after I had been previously a slave to my mind all morning. As I was conversing with him, I was placed right in the present moment. And I realized in that simple moment, that everything is okay. I was reminded that life is a much better teacher than the lecturer who lives in our mind. I wish you a wonderful journey.

About the author: JennyTauscheck
I am an energy worker, intuitive healer, and channel. I provide channeled guidance services as well as manifestation guidance.