Rest And Recovery

Energy And Affirmation Reading: Rest And Recovery

Say; “I make relaxation a part of my daily life. Peace and quiet bring me clarity and joy.” Sandra Anne Taylor

Say: “Divine Intelligence, please release all stuckness and limitation from my life so I can welcome freedom, creativity, and well being.” Inna Segal

Unsettling feelings creep up with us all when time seems to be running with speed. Falling behind with promises and commitments can really drag us down. This can also be the cause of our burnout. Overwhelming emotions that take us over in a whim, if not put in check. Remember to be gentle with your process. Destruction is not always a bad thing. Sometimes things need to fall away or be face before true healing and change can occur. Depending on where you are in your life’s journey, pain or joy will come through this release and liberation. What ever is necessary, trust the process and acknowledge your presence in it. The medicine known by the ancients understood the power of space and time – presence. Begin to sit in silence and hear the subtle, Take the Gray ray and scan your body finding the stuck energy within. Listen to the words the stuckness can mutter and try to meditate with what words can be woven to heal the presence. Take this time to Rest and Recover.  

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