Retrograde – Navigate to Your Blessings

LetsTalkLight July Energy Forecast -Collective Retrograde

Join Arcturian Starseed and Messenger, Pam LovesAllways, for Our Collectives’ Message and Guidance to navigate thru Julys 6 planets in Retrograde! Blessings are still due! Twin Flame, Energy Healer, Published Author and Advocate of Love, I am available for private sessions. Book on my Facebook page @Letstalklight777 Donations welcomed at : Subscribe & shares are appreciated!

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About the author: Pam LovesAllways
Intuitive Energy Mentor and Healer of over 10 Years. Arcturian Starseed, Lemurian and Het-Heru descendant. I am a guide and love serving as a Messenger for my Collective!