Retrograde Venus: October 6 to November 16, 2018

What happens when the planet of Love, Peace and Empathy backspins in Scorpio (and for a little while in Libra)? Oh well, we are about to find out, as it already began! Whether you are have strong influence of Venus in your personal horoscope (see more here) or not, you are going to experience this effect one way or another. Retrograde Venus is a force of nature, not just a phenomenon.

Retrograde Venus is a Force of Nature

Let me put it this way. Maybe for a long time, we try hard to find the proper way to talk to someone, worrying or maybe fearing for his/her reaction. With Venus walking backwards, we just burst out and say what we’ve got. Retrograde Venus is a force of nature being coming out of our heart’s volcanoes, shaped from the Lava of our most passionate emotions. We can become mighty or even ruthless. Emotions. These are the fuel of our motifs.

Unfortunately, during this time, Wars, terrorist or hate attacks and other world-wide quarrels may occur as the blessings of Aphrodite shift to another world.

Retrograde Venus for the Witches

  • This is the best time to search inside you and find what you are doing wrong or right in your relationships and your personal life.
  • You can even slip backwards in your incarnations and get an insight.
  • Also, It is a great time to dig up spells and rituals involving love, peace and affection.
  • Furthermore, Crafting your own Potions (especially love potions) is favoured.
When I cast a Love Spell
That’s exactly how I feel when I cast a Love spell. Retrograde Venus will help you feel the same way. Time to Dig up some spells!

Retrograde Venus for Zodiac Signs

Let’s find out how this retrograde Goddess of Love will affect each and every sign!

Aries: Empath or Banshee?

It goes without saying that this backwards moving Goddess of Love affects you so much, changing nearly everything in your. From how you feel to how you react, your world is messed up with powerful and sometimes irritating emotions. Venus Retrograde doesn’t just change your heart, it alters your sensitivity broadening the spectrum of stimuli that can influence you. In other words, you become a powerful Empath but can also turn into Banshee.

Taurus: Ripper of Dead Relationships

From the day your Governor began backspinning, you felt it deep inside your heart. It was made pretty obvious that you need to detoxify your life from all these relationships that hold you down and don’t let you evolve. Therefore, you are now trying to cut off from all this mess that’s your social and personal life – also affecting your professional life. What needs to go – has to right now!

Gemini: Alchemist of Body and Soul

The Goddess of Love has turned her back to your sensitivities. This affects your judgement influencing things that you felt were extremely important for you. Well, maybe not anymore. Your health and your everyday life becomes important and you are going to find what is causing all this mess in your body and your soul. Finding this trigger is the first step to sail away from the troubles of your everyday life.

Cancer: Scrying for Happiness

What is it that can make you blissfully happy? If it takes more than a second to answer then we have a problem dear. And this is what Venus Retrograde is about to do. Make you discover or maybe re-discover what makes your heart beat faster and feel like you’ve entered Nirvana. From that point of you, you need to let go of all presumptions and make sure you’ve cleaned your heart for something new to come. Happiness is only few breaths away. Care to prepare?

Leo: Peace Conjurer

Venus going retrograde in your forth solar house is a signal for reconstruction of your home and your family’s bliss. Your Magical Powers are increasing and once you find some quality time for yourself you can put them to business, altering your reality. This is your main task for the next month. Oh, one more thing. Make sure you establish peace in your heart before proceeding. Tame your fears and let go of painful memories. They can no longer affect you.

Virgo: Injured Wings

The Goddess of Love makes a fierce warrior out of you. This happens because it actually affects the way you react to other’s emotional stimuli. You can no longer be manipulated. You’ve had enough and now this is the time to go out and search for true love and affection. I know that you feel the need to please and help everyone but right now you have to cross some lines. Whatever brought you down, needs to be removed.

Libra: Energy Blocks

Money is merely a manifestation of how energy flows from the Cosmos through you. In other words, any lack or money or troubles with the money flow can easily be traced back to energy problems. So let’s get to the chase. What you need to do is perform an energy releasing ritual along with chakra cleansing. Once you made sure your aura shines brightly, think of ways to increase your income or maybe find a better way to manage your expenses.

Scorpio: Hermit in Trouble

Goddess of Love is walking backwards your Zodiac Sign and things seem to have slowed down so much, that actually push you to your limits. We all know how patient and how impatient you can be at the same time. It feels that you can no longer tame your burning heart. You need it all and you need it now. But remember, the time is not right yet. Although you don’t want to read this, you still need to be patient at least one more month. Loneliness may help you find your inner peace.

Sagittarius: Seeker of the Truth

The Truth is overrated… some proclaim proudly. These words would never come out of a true Sagittarius. Why? Because you constantly search for what is real. You love exposing secrets and discovering new lands where new experiences wait to help you transcend the limits of reality. And this month, that’s what is all about. Your intuition is stronger than usual feeling things that you don’t normally feel. Use this amazing opportunity and look for the true wonders of the Worlds.

Capricorn: Contacting Spirits of the Dead and the Alive

When Venus goes retrograde in this part of your horoscope things go wild regarding your social life and all your relationships. Although your personal relations are mostly affected, your professional ones also receive some ‘backwards’ influence, delaying your growth. But what feels like a loss may just be a great opportunity for something great to happen.

Aquarius: Conjurer of New Experiences

The Goddess of Love is giving you the opportunity to see your career and your professional life from a completely different point of view. We are talking about something groundbreaking, as it affects all relations and feelings, regarding your career and your future on this path you are currently walking. Make sure you find the proper way to express your emotions without over-fuelling the quarrels with more passion. Grounding can also help you anticipate these unfortunate advances.

Pisces: Spiritual Teacher in Progress

Your soul is evolving in such a peculiar and interesting way. Today this World begins to give you more and more spiritual stimuli in order to help you evolve and transcend the limits of your ‘reality’. You are way-to-much focused on the problems that drag you down. What you really need to do, is see this World from a completely different perspective. And this Retrograde Venus will help you achieve that. Prepare for a major spiritual shift.

Get Ready To Feel Venus’ Backspin: Alchemy Of Transformation

From today, Venus will begin to travel in Retrograde for a little over a month till the 15th of November. These forty days are given to us to reflect on the relationships we share with those around us and especially our romantic connections.

Moreover, Venus is going to be moving into Scorpio at the same time so all sorts of difficult topics are going to come up for discussion. Scorpio has an intensity that is unmatched by any other sign of the zodiac and its part in this Venus Retrograde is going to make it an unforgettable. In fact, you can consider this the Romeo and Juliet of all phenomena related to astrology.

The Alchemy Of Change

Death is one of the discussions that will come up because of Scorpio but luckily for us, only figuratively. There will be no literal death in this period but everything you think you know will change more than you ever thought things could. It is a challenging phase but you need to get through it because it will help you get back on the right track. You’ll be pushed above and beyond your limits but in the end you will not regret any part of it, no matter how painful it has been.

The Influence Of Scorpio – Going All In

Representing all things feminine, Venus influences romance, finances, ethics and relationships. On the other hand, Scorpio governs the circle of life, what we will leave behind after death, what we have to give to those around us as well as to the universe, as well as our most ingrained instincts and the subconscious.

When she’s moving through Scorpio, Venus appears as a seductress. In her quest for love that is passionate and sincere, she’ll make you remember what your desires truly are. You’ll feel inspired and driven to put yourself out there with everything you’ve got. All your emotions will be heightened and you will be filled with an intense passion. You will no longer be able to hide your innermost secrets, even the ones you’ve kept hidden from yourself.

The Influence of Libra – Working On Your Relationships

Though this period begins in Scorpio, Venus will gradually move into Libra and it is here that your transformation in these forty days will attain its finality. Since Libra symbolizes relationships, the results of this retrograde period will have something to do with our connections to those we love.

It is important to note that Libra is the only sign not represented by a living creature. The balanced set of scales signifies reason and when Venus moves into Libra, she aims to help you find a sense of rationality even in your most passionate of moments. You will have to find a balance between your own desires and that of others. To get what you want, you have to think about what you have to give in return.

Is This Not A Good Time?

It is certainly not an easy passage because Venus will throw all kinds of unwanted things from your past back into your present. Everything that you’ve been avoiding will come rushing into your life demanding your time and attention. Venus is challenging you to make the changes you’ve been dreading because they are for your own good. You cannot keep ignoring these issues forever.

As hard as this time may be, you will come out of it a better person. Keep your heart and mind open, reflect on what you truly desire and be grateful for having been given this opportunity to turn yourself around.



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