Root Chakra; Herbs and Cancer

Herbs and Cancer

Herbal remedies offer an alternative. Some people recommend that these herbal remedies be used alongside the current ongoing cancer treatments and some don’t. The deciding factor would be the level of advancement the cancer stage is in. Also to be noted is the type of cancer the patient is suffering from, as different herbs work differently to address the

various conditions caused by cancer. Below are some tried and true herbs used to treat specific cancer conditions:

  • Breast cancerbroccoli and green tea
  • Colon cancerbroccoli
  • Esophageal cancergreen tea
  • General canceraloe vera and periwinkle
  • Liver cancergreen tea
  • Lung canceraloe vera and broccoli
  • Pancreatic cancergreen tea
  • Preventive cancerbroccoli, carrot, tarragon and tomato
  • Prostate canceraloe vera, fennel and green tea
  • Rectal cancerbroccoli
  • Skin cancergreen tea
  • Stomach canceraloe vera, broccoli, garlic and green tea
  • Testicular cancerperiwinkle
  • Cancer treatmentaloe vera, Echinacea, lantana and violet
  • Cancer soresgoldenseal, lavender

There are also some herbs that help to keep the body in better shape so we can be equipped with the necessary elements to fight off the cancer cells or arrest its progressive destructive state.

Herbs like:

  • Astragalus
  • Dong quai
  • Echinacea
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Maitake mushrooms

Another herb that is popular in arresting the cancer cells from its destructive nature is the Mistletoe. Mistletoe preparations are commonly used to stimulate the immune system and to kill cancer cells effectively. In some extreme cases it has been noted to shrink cancer causing tumors.

All of these have the properties to help in the fight against cancer. However relying on these herbs alone is not advisable. Sound/music, qi gong, Tai Chi, Art, and being surrounded with people who love and support you through this healing journey. One of the main blocks preventing healing is Avoidance and Denial. Being raised in a society where children are ‘seen and not heard’ conditioned the mind to avoid and deny the signs of illness to survive and succeed in the world. A lot of us got very good at this. We are not children anymore and there is no more excuses to avoid and deny are very needs. We may not even know what we need and want because we denied ourselves this by numbing out completely and dissociating from emotions. I say it is never too late to start finding your unique body mind harmony. Start listening where there is least resistance and grow from there. If that is a simple recorded walk through meditation then that is a great place to start. If you can imagine how you or someone you know would feel being avoided and denied in a situation, than you can find the empathy for your cellular body that is going through its emotional healing process. 

An illness like cancer in the body will do what it must to be heard. Cancer is such an epidemic in the western world, nature is even reflecting back to us in desperation for us to hear and listen and see. Find the empathy and compassion for life so we can find balance and harmony for the life and death cycle. Emotions are important and it is important to express the whole gamete of them. Unfortunately the more suppressed emotions have been in one’s body the over reactive it seems to get released. we need support in our life to understand this and help find the proper outlet to allow the anger and fear and pain to release with less physical and emotional damage. Projection is not a healthy way to release, but to recognize it and change the cycle is an amazing progress. Change is the biggest cure for cancer. where ever you are at in illness find your openness, even the smallest change can set you into a new direction for healing.



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