Root Chakra Misalignment #2

Body/mind Condition;

Swollen Appendix – Antibiotic treatment, Colon Cancer – surgically removed, COPD and Hyperthyroidism (Yang energy). 

Emotion/body conditions:

Swollen Appendix was your savior and did its job to alert the problem that was brewing throughout your body. Thank the appendix for helping you find the Cancer that was accumulating in your large intestines. Keep in mind that the high levels of antibiotics introduced to your body killed all bacteria, leaving your immune system vulnerable and your digestion system naked and making it easy for pathogens to leak through the intestinal walls

Colon Cancer is a sign there is more negative stress within the majority of cells in your body. Cancer cells are stored in the DNA and is activated by accumulation of environment toxins, high negative stressors, and past suppressed frozen emotion that would be rooted from chronic conditions.

COPD symptoms are stemmed from ‘grief’ in childhood. When you are a child you are completely rendered helpless and left to your own devices to figure out how to deal with grief, a loss in your life. Your breathing suffers severely when releases of emotions was not an option or acknowledged in the pinnacle point of the childhood trauma.

Hyperthyroidism stems from childhood trauma around ‘there is not enough time’ . This trained your thyroid hormones to over compensate through recycled manifestations of ‘there is not enough time’ thought processes.

Minerals nutrients and oils: promotes your own healing process:

Bowel recovery;

  • Fiber rich foods Psyllium Fibre, acacia fibre- keep the intestines hydrated
  • Omega 3 Fatty acids – Lubricates intestines
  • Manuka Honey – One tablespoon in lukewarm water every morning
  • Cassia seed, dandelion, mulberry, hawthorn, chamomile, valerian, ginger and peppermint tea – drink regularly to support the cleansing of the body. (cup after every meal)
  • Probiotic (lactobacillus & acidophilus) – dramatically increase gut bacteria, reduce inflammation and helps heal the gut.
  • Pectin daily – Apples
  • Peppermint oil – help digestion relief
  • Oil rich in Fatty acids 2tbsp – Fish, flax, primrose, black current and or walnut oil: reduces inflammation

Vitamins for immune, lung and thyroid support;

  • Vitamin C – Helps counter inflammation
  • Quercetin – Supports cancer recovery as well as respiratory and immune function               (There are companies that sell Vitamin C with Quercetin)
  • Calcium with Magnesium Take in the evening: prevents colon cancer
  • Vitamin B12 and B complex and Folic acid – protect from metagenesis, carcinogens, tumor initiation
  • CoQ10 – Increase antibodies and natural killer cell activity
  • Zinc – Support the T cells
  • Epsom salt – bath with lavender and magnesium oil every evening: Helps absorb and support all cells rejuvenate and build immune functions.
  • Turmeric and black pepper – helps to control inflammation
  • Ashwaganda, Kava or Gaba – helps with lowering cortisol levels and relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Magnesium – with malate to help absorb organic magnesium to calm your muscles
  • Selenium – powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and helps defend the body from chronic diseases.

Mind Solutions:

  • Journey through the timeless and find the triggers from your childhood that has kept you frozen in a cycle of time and emotional expression. listen to the emotion your body has stored for this memory; sometimes just talking about it, or watching a movie or even a smell can help trigger to release. It is time for you to go and be the mother/father you need to be for that fractured childhood memory that is part of you. This is no one else’s responsibility now. Take back your power and emotional well being.
  • Change your lifestyle with respect to Diet. Time to simplify the food regimen and introduce your body to foods you have avoided most of your life. Your body cells are showing huge deficiencies in a variety of minerals, nutrients and vitamins as well as starving for emotional love and kindness. What you give out or intend on the world will be return to you. The key is to become open, allow and receive with faith and knowing your worth.
  • It is healthy to have stress in your life, after all, we are dynamic and not static. There will always be something to fix, repair, change, grow etc; we are meant to enjoy the journey more then capturing the end result. Struggle is a mindset and a very unhealthy one that we all have been subjected to. It is time to shake those limiting beliefs and take God’s hand to walk with him and find your faith and divine worth in this world.
  • No matter what stands in front of you, find a way to be satisfied with the present. ‘This too shall pass’ helps as well as some other great affirmations to help keep you above anger and depression. However, it is good to well in the anger and frustration for awhile (cry, scream, yell etc), it is healthy to find the right support systems to feel and grieve and be safe doing so. When this purge/release takes place, have positive music, words of affirmations to help fill that new raw void. Practice by repeating the new positive tools introduced and make them part of you and your lifestyle.
  • The world will reflect what you need to heal inside. practice dealing with one concern at a time. Try and notice the subtle experiences that trigger your emotional body and try not to judge or defend or re-enact the past. Just observe and try and untangle the personal energy that seems raveled in the experience. The goal here is to take back your power and consciously use it for abundance investing; such as finding the most valuable information to hold within yourself through present experience.
  • Remember to Laugh often, ensure adequate rest, practice deep breathing. Use some acupressure points: Vally of harmony, upper great opening, and foot three mile (help with intestine issues) Cubit marsh and Asthma relief (helps with lung issues)  Thump (thyroid conditioning with breathing techniques). Utilize youtube and their amazing library of qigong exercises and chakra sounds and introductions to meditations. Detoxify when ever you can (saunas are great for this, massages, acupressure, acupuncture).
  • Surround yourself with high energy rocks, crystals, incense and oils as well as qi gong exercises, chakra sounds that you can find on youtube helps with rising your cellular vibrations and heal internal physical trauma. These are just small self help ideas to support your well being along the way. The trick is to find your sovereignty and your internal twin flame (your own masculine and feminine energy). Make friends and peace with your truth and hidden self.

Essential Oils for physical relief and emotional release;

Due to biochemical individuality, what works for one person may not work for another. The most important thing is to never give up faith in the healing process and faith in oneself to heal.

  • Tarragon, anise, fennel, caraway, ginger, lemon: aids in digestion issues (zendigest)
  • Magnesium Oil: works really well for relaxation among many other things
  • Ylang Ylang oil for diffusing in the home for mood enhancing (calms the system and increases alertness and attention without the parasympathetic responds). Combats depression, free radicals, inflammation, bacteria, fungus, insects, excess melanin
  • Frankincense and Myrrh oil helps with digestion, immune functions, oral health, respiratory issues, stress and anxiety and pain killer.
  • Lavender oil commonly known to relieve cellular stress.
  • Sandelwood oil calms anxiety, restlessness and nervousness and works in tandem with myrrh and frankincense
  • Neroli oil, Geranium oil and Spikenard oil aids in calming the nervous system
  • Peppermint oil lifts mood and relieves headaches and stomach issues
  • Vetiver oil supremely grounding oil that promotes focus and has been shown to help with ADHD management.

Exercise Affirmations:

To help train your brain and promote the energy/circumstances to shift around you.

Say three times two times a day (morning/evening);

– ‘Divine Spirit, surround me with the Bronze ray of light which will heal, strengthen, and rejuvenate my body. Thank you’.

‘ I determine my own destiny. I take financial action and am receiving wonderful assistance from those around me’.

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