Root Chakra: Path to Healing

Path To Healing
In order to change the effects that are taking tole on our holistic healing, you must recognize and accept that all dependancies are working against you and controlling you and your body.
An adaptation to a modern way of life is key to surviving holistically. Adjust yourself by understanding how deep deception and dependancies have rooted themselves, taking over balance perception and choice. These effects come from food, sound, environment, social connections, Rx dependancies and family. Know that there is an equal and opposite phenomenon.
Who or what effects our knowing of the path to healing in our modern world?
The external answer; Economics (The World Bank), media, social insurance numbers, zip codes, culture, corporations (rationalization that perpetuates destruction of life), and WHO (World Health Organization).
The ultimate answer; You. Your universe, your consciousness, your awareness, the earth, the planets, the stars, the sudo sciences and most importantly your spirit.
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