Root Chakra; Path to Healing

Heal energy for Base of spine, vertebral columns, feet, blood, legs, Bone, teeth, skeleton

Muladhara -> Foundation -> 4 Petals -> Red -> LAM -> Element Earth    

Rocks -> Bloodstone, garnet, Jasper, Black Tourmaline, coal, etc                                                    Incense, herbs, and essential oils; Rosewood, sandalwood, rosemary, black pepper, cedar, clove, ginger

Path to Healing

In order to change the effects that are taking tole on our holistic healing, you must recognize and accept that all dependancies are working against you and controlling you and your body.

An adaptation to a modern way of life is key to surviving holistically. Adjust yourself by understanding how deep deception and dependancies have rooted themselves, taking over balance perception and choice. These effects come from food, sound, environment, social connections, prescription (Rx) dependancies and family. To better sooth your mind, know that there is an equal and opposite phenomenon.

Who or what obstructs our knowing of the path to healing in this modern world? The external answer; Economics (The world Bank), media, social insurance numbers, zip codes, culture, corporations (rationalization that perpetuates destruction of life), and WHO (World Health Organization). The ultimate answer; You. Your universe, your consciousness, your awareness, the earth, the planets, the stars, the sudo sciences and most importantly your spirit.

Pondering Challenges to Open the Root Chakra

The whole universe is a symphony, we can call it the Cosmic Orchestra. It is a syncretism of eb and flow, ie; life process to death and death process to life, happiness process to anger and anger process to happiness. Disease in the smallest particle to the beyond, is a disruption in this Orchestra.

At the heart of the world’s knowing in such a polarized state, modern science is at a peak of understanding the importance of mind, body and spirit, controlled studies (Aspen Brain Form).      

A movie called, ‘Selfless’ can help open your mind to understanding where science is presently studying a fascinating theory called shedding neurology. Dr. Deepak Chopra also explains this theory by emphasizing recycled thoughts and body cells that are shared across all beings in the universe.        

Dr. Chopra has written his 89th amazing book that explains this and more called ‘You are the Universe’.

In this present time telepathy has also hit a breakthrough with non-local correlations. Rupert Sheldrake has found that we share everything and communicate with everything.

There is so much to explore and to understand that science is at a point to work with all religions, faiths, and beliefs that have, for centuries, known the truth about a higher power. It is almost universally known now that science is not God, but is the way ‘God’ thinks.

Personally, I struggle with the idea of science and religion working together to understand more about our world. If both claim they are the New World Order and control the eb and flow by using controlled studies to learn our collective consciences; it can Gallup like a disease through our universe.

We cannot control the path of our sciences or religions in the ‘real time’ sense, but we can control our knowing, our spirit and our love and compassion for the universe. These thoughts, energies and cells can help influence in the deeper sense of our collective consciousness.

We were never meant to claim to be God, but we are holistically and virtually the embodiment of Energy, Love and Knowing.

Enjoy Your Life’s Journey and Explore All the Ways To Walk Through

Some Helpful tools;

  • Herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Rocks
  • Incense
  • Yoga mats
  • Tibetan bowls
  • Grounding mats
  • Bio mat comforters
  • Books
  • Music

Some Things I’ve learned Throughout My Root Chakra Journey:

  • Life could not exist without death because at the core of nothingness, there is the creation of life.  This is eternal. This is the cycle that should be sacred and untouched.  The cycle of life should be studied and observed. It should not manipulated and controlled.
  • All beings in the universe collectively organize themselves by their like minded abilities. This ability is what makes the holistic views strong.  When strong ego rich minds take hold of this phenomenon, they try to manipulate and control outcomes for isolated purposes.
  • I am one soul, one perspective that uniquely catalyzes through eternal life. my being sheds and shares itself with the world.  What energy I allow in to my being is the same as what I share to the world. It is time to embrace myself and be open to stronger energies.
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