Runic Love Spell

Whether you celebrate St.Valentine’s day, or Lupercalia, or Anthesteria or something else, these days are drenched in erotic energy. This happens for two main reasons. First of all, the forces of Spring are gathering and are ready to wake up Mother Earth. Hence, the erotic energy is pretty strong. And also, due to the popularity of the Day of Love, so many people are focusing on Love and Passion these days. This creates a matrix of thick loving and passionate astral energy which can be used to attract more love. Thus, tap into this energy with this simple Runic Love Spell to invite Love and Satisfaction in your life! However, you can try this spell anytime you desire.

Runic Love Spell

Although there is no original rune for ‘Love’, the magic of Runes has long been employed for Love Spells. Witches used Runes to attract love and, unfortunately, to bind others under love spells. In our Runic Love Spell, these three runes, ‘Sowilo’ ‘Mannaz’ ‘Wunjo’, in this order, provide a perfect combination and harmony to attract Love and Passion in your life.

There is so much magic in them. All three are very powerful Runes. Therefore, in Runic Magic, they actually conjure the Blessings of the Sun, in perfect harmony with our human nature, to bring Joy and satisfaction in our lives. This is what makes this Love Spell so powerful. Not only does it intend to attract love, but, also, it makes our lives happy by means of it. 

This love spell does not intend to bind anyone under a love spell, so please do not use it in this way. Not to mention, you would be missing the whole point. Whether you found the one, or still looking for him/her, this spell intends to bring Joy and Love in your life. Let yourself explore the endless possibilities of Love. Open your heart. 

How to Cast the spell

1. Pick a red candle. 

The red candle symbolises the Fiery Power of Life Force. This is what we’ll focus on. 

2. Make a fine powder of dried red or pink rose buds.

Rose has always been regarded the ‘key’ to open the portals of Magic. In fact, the Egyptian hieroglyph of ‘Rose’ also means ‘Portal’. We use the Rose to open the Gates of Love and invite the entities who bring love in our lives. 

Runic Love Spell

3. Anoint the candle with a mixture of ‘Come to me’ oil with the roses powder.

‘Come to me’ formula has long been used to attract what we need in our lives. This combination is considered very powerful in all love and attraction spells. 

4. Carve the three runes on the red candle.

Carve these three runes in this exact order. 

5. Light the candle visualising yourself happy and satisfied with love and passionate energies.

Light the candle and look at the bright flame dancing on your red candle. This symbolises your Will. (Always take fire safety measures. Use appropriate candle holders. Never leave a candle unattended. )

Once you light the candle, take a few moments to visualise yourself happy, and your heart filled with love. Do not picture a certain someone, rather than that, try to ‘recall’ this rushing feeling of passion in you, you feel when you meet someone you really really like. Visualise yourself being satisfied by Love. 

All ingredients can be found in our Magical Shop. However, feel free to substitute any of them with your own concoctions. After all, magic is and it always will be in your bright Spirit.

Blessed be! 

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