Sacral Chakra, I Enjoy Life

Our nature is to create. When we cook, bake or garden, we are creating. 

There are many ways to tap into our gifts of creativity. Not one of us are built the same nor is one of us able to create the same way. Our beings are unique and just as necessary as the next being in this life.

Rather they are conscious of it or not, each individual person, plant, animal and so on creates their own path through life. Just like the levels of education, their are different levels of being.

‘We create when we find new solutions to old problems’. We  create when we explore new problems and solutions. Humans have evolved by breaking boundaries and learning new ways from old mistakes.

When you see mistakes in a new perspective, you can create and grow from them. ‘You don’t make mistakes because mistakes make you’.

It was once believed the all things in the universe are placed at random. It is now understood that everything is placed or moving in this world with their own reason rather we consciously know why or not. This phenomenon is the Karmic solution from the collective minds of the universe.

Our Nature is to Create

Play Like A Child

Challenges to the Sacral Chakra start with education. When we start school, we are in the hands of the system ‘we must mold/conform to a less creative being’. Although education is important, so is family, culture, the environment and so on. Not one is more important than the other.

The balance of our sacral chakra undergoes the many unique experiences that create egos to help protect our true self from the outside elements which are of the psychological and physical nature. This is where it begins to shift our self awareness creating our unique web of life.

Egos become the shadow in nature to protect and defend the self from what it perceives as fearful and painful. Eventually, the ego manifests its own rules and boundaries to let less and less in, starving your soul from true existence.

Everything we experience in our life is karmic solutions. Some would call them tests, judgements, offensives, curses and so on.

Through life you will find that when the ego is in control, the karmic solutions are cycled over and over. A good example of this is the types of friends you keep, love relationships you have or addictions you fall back on. Your true self stays submerged, hidden, walled and protected.

When your true self is in control, you are creative and begin to make choices that involve and evolve you.

You will find that where there is fear, happiness lyes since all in life has an equal and opposite behavior.

With or without you, the eb and flow of life, with all that is in between to death continues. You cannot control this harmonious entity, but you can control what you perceive and accept within your  own being.

Embrace and love yourself unconditionally and the universe will treat you in kind. You have the power to control the obsessions of your web of egos and the seed of your true self by being present and experience all that is around you. Know that, as deep as your own shadow self is, you are capable of greatness in your light self.

Return to your infancy through the timeless and retrieve your being, your soul. Revisit and endure all that you were hidden and protected from. Do not fear, just feel.

Emotions, which reside in the sacral chakra holds an immense amount of energy that can be absolutely terrifying and extremely joyous. This has been what you’ve been starved from. Allow yourself to feed from this energy.

You were born into the family you were to continue the eternal growth and creation of the universe. This happens through time and the timeless.

When you allow your self to be conscious of your creative spirit, you will be embracing the experience awareness of all life’s gifts.

Allowing your true self to be born into awareness is ultimately terrifying and extremely joyous for you cannot feel one without the other.

I challenge you to take this journey and unconditionally love yourself. Find yourself, be yourself, liberate yourself. All creation is made of love. From the battles of war and destruction to perseverance of peace and construction.

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