Sacral Chakra Misalignment #2

If we can understand that the root of Fibromyalgia stems from a neurological trauma, then we have a better pathway of least resistance to the very essence needed to entangle the nervous system. I believe that the more natural the solutions for the symptoms, the more ‘down to earth’ we get to addressing the neurological trauma pain. Understanding ADHD as ones coping mechanism is the first step to taking back control of the way the mind avoids or directs attention. When you slow down your thinking processes you will be able to catch the emotional trauma in cells which have been releasing and manifesting in your everyday life. The goal is to take back your power and control of choice and intension. When it comes to an overloaded body/mind system, Less is more.

Your immune system needs to settle, serotonin levels need to rise in order to release physical, chemical and emotional trauma. Note that there is not and should not be any quick fix solutions to long standing problem. Taking your life back from a system that prays on your insecurities everyday takes effort and persistence. True love, cooperation and kindness to yourself and others will go a long way.  Once you can master feeling secure and grounded in your sacral energy through to your feet, you will have a strong and sturdy foundation for your own temple/body. Remember we came to this earth and chose our path to help humanity move beyond panic and destruction. Lets make sure our body/meat suit knows this and feels this way too.

Body/mind Condition;

Fibromyalgia (FM) , ADHD, Depression, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS), gluten

sensitivity (GS), knee replacement

Emotion/body conditions:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

  • POS is commonly linked to FM Your sacral chakra is where your creative energy is stored and released. For woman energy is in uterus, for men it is spleen. Healthy flowing energy is released either by art, music, sex, relationships etc. It is the area that needs proper amounts of serotonin in order to healthily release proper creative flow all throughout your body for healing and living purposefully. If this sacral area is blocked by chronic thinking patterns and or chronic stress/pain cycles, then more cells will become part of the FM issue and is called POS.
  • Women with POS and FM have past trauma rooted ancestrally as ‘Mother’s guilt’. It stems from unhealthy shedding of the tissue lining. Every month the uterus is accumulating environmental data and cellular structures to be released to the world to help create and inform the world of new evolving ideas. All cells in our body are birthed, nurtured and grown and die/shed; released by gratefully or ungratefully sets of intensions. In fact, our entire body will have shed all cells within two years. This cell cycle leaves the impressions of each individual uniquely. This is why it is so necessary for women to be gentle and take care of themselves especially while menstruation. Some cultures believe woman should not even make meals while on menstruation because of the kinds of energy they are shedding and passing on through essence. The accumulation of blood and dead cells are being shed intensionally onto the earth and they are shared by all species. Hence why the moods, food choices and support around you matter. Thoughts at this time are most important. Choose to feel grateful for the birth and death cycle of your body’s natural cell process.

Gluten Sensitivity

  • GS is also another symptom linked to FM. Your nervous system is over loaded with trauma. Trauma from being birthed > to learning powerful lessons as a child > to growing in a romantic relationship > to being the best parents you didn’t have. The gut and the brain are connected and essentially feed off each other by triggers. In order to take the reigns of this biofeedback loop, you must listen to what your body wants and how it feels. We often do not pay attention to our body and allow others to tell us what we need. FM makes this very difficult because of the over loaded stimulation throughout all parts of the body. In a multilevel functioning being, FM is a multilevel effecting issue. Not one thing can fix the disease. To help find the individually unique cure, one must reverse engineer themselves sort to speak. Stricken food regimen is a good start to allow you to consciously follow what foods effect what triggers.


  • ADHD can be used for the advantage of FM. ADHD is simply a way the mind was evolved to take care of it’s over loaded sympathetic nervous system. Focus to reducing FM is possible when you can learn to listen to the language of your ADHD and how it responds to each chakra energy center of your being- by tv shows, cards, music, reading magazines, books, etc (essentially learning new things, new thinking etc). There is a tapping therapy called EFT, that can help you flow through the ADHD effects throughout the day and sooth the processes of FM pain. If you can incorporate the tapping, breathing and quieting the mind, you may find an entry point to listening to your body’s emotions and help sooth.

Knee Replacement

  • Knee Replacement recognizes lax ligament issues that have emotions carried from unresolved childhood trauma and abuse. From learning to fight in a playground to standing up for your siblings. This is all stored in the joints and tissues. There is a prolotherapy that helps your body regenerate the tissues. This is injecting Dextrose into the joint to promote the natural healing process and regenerate new tissue cells. A good emotional balance with diet and proper essential herbs and oils like sandalwood can help strengthen this condition with ease along with unconditional love to your body.


  • Understandably, depression is a problem with FM. FM sufferers are the open empathic portals to pure narcissist states. Your internal chakra system has ultimately seven levels to it and FM is the empath/narcism dance through out them all. You feel everything, everyone and nothing in your environment goes undetected. Your parasympathetic system is on fully all the time. Over stimulation can create a serious depression. The key is to heal the push and pull from each chakra. Learn to trust yourself, let go and find the ebb and flow. You have a masculine (strength and focus) and feminine (nurture and create) aspect of yourelf and just like the nervous system they cannot be active at the same time. Learn to work together within, play catch with your chakra system.
  • When the body/mind feedback is working healthily through any disease, it will help the whole body find it’s homeostasis through self healing modalities. The frontal lobe is in charge of balancing serotonin levels. Happy feelings release serotonin, sad feelings produce cortisol and so on. Feeling depression is necessary to find your natural healing modalities. Having supportive people around you is important while you find what diets, herbs and therapies work for you to function happy and authentically.

Vitamins and minerals and oils: promotes your own healing process:

  • Epsom salt bath with lavender and magnesium oil every evening
  • Vitamin D3: Aids in balancing the hormones once a day
  • Vitamin B12 complex (liquid form 1/day or possibly injection 1/3months)
  • Chamomile tea in the evening
  • Curmumin and black pepper helps to control inflammation
  • Magnesium with malate to help absorb organic magnesium to calm your muscles
  • Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and helps defend the body from chronic diseases.
  • 5HTP helps increase serotonin production
  • St John’s Wort 1-3mg p/d (do not take with antidepressants)
  • Valerian Root improves sleep and calms the nerves
  • Malic Acid (found in fruits) helps detox the body of aluminum and works synergistically with magnesium.
  • Whey Powder has amino acids for cellular repair

Mind Solutions:

  • Journey through the timeless and find the triggers from your childhood that has kept you frozen in a cycle of time and emotional expression. listen to the emotion your body has stored for this memory; sometimes just talking about it, or watching a movie or even a smell can help trigger to release. It is time for you to go and be the mother/father you need to be for that fractured child memory that are apart of you. This is no one else’s responsibility now. This is yours to take back; your power and emotional well being.
  • Change your lifestyle with respect to accommodating your needs in the home and work environment. Pace yourself and listen to your rhythm and how it gels with people around you. Also establish consistent and predictable boundaries for yourself and your loved ones. Ease the push and pull mindset and practice ebb and flow. less reacting and more observing.
  • The world will reflect what you need to heal inside. practice dealing with one concern at a time.
  • Remember to Laugh, ensure adequate rest, practice deep breathing. detoxify when ever you can (saunas are great for this, massage, acupressure, acupuncture)
  • Surround yourself with high energy rocks, crystals, incense and oils as well as qi gong exercises, chakra sounds that you can find on youtube. These are just small self help ideas to support your well being along the way. The trick is to find your sovereignty and your internal twin flame. Make friends and peace with your true self.

Oil samples for physical relief and emotional release; Due to biochemical individuality, what works for one person may not work for another. The most important thing is to never give up faith in the healing process and faith in oneself to heal.

  • Magnesium Oil: works really well for relaxation among many other things
  • Ylang Ylang oil for diffusing in the home for mood enhancing (calms the system and increases alertness and attention without the parasympathetic responds)
  • 1,8 Cineole (anti inflammatory properties): Eucalyptus, cardamon, rosemary, sage
  • Anthenol (mild pain and fevers relief): anise, cedarwood, fennel
  • Borneol (prevent infections): lavender, spike lavender, rosemary, sage
  • Eugenal (Anti Septic): clove, black pepper, basil

The Best Herbs and Oils to Blend and Play with That May Work For You:

  • Caraway, clove, eucalyptus, ginger, lavender, marjoram, oregano, peppermint, roman camomile, tea tree, thyme, turmeric.

Exercise Affirmations: To help train your brain and promote the energy/circumstances to shift around you. Say three times two times a day (morning/evening);

  • ‘Divine intelligence, please allow me to create a balanced and harmonious life of blessing and joy’
  • ‘Let go of lack. I look at the blessing in my life with joy and satisfaction. I am glad.’ 
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