Sacral Chakra: Swadhisthana

Sacral Chakra: Swadhisthana
Part of our nature is to create. When we cook, bake or garden, we are creating.
There are many ways to tap into our gifts of creativity. Not one of us are built the same nor is one of us able to create the same way. Our beings are unique and just as necessary as the next being in this life.
Rather they are conscious of it or not, each individual person, plant, animal and so on creates their own path through life. Just like the levels of education, their are different levels of being.
‘We create when we find new solutions to old problems’. We create when we explore new problems and solutions. Humans have evolved by breaking boundaries and learning new ways from old mistakes.
When you see mistakes in a new perspective, you can create and grow from them. ‘You don’t make mistakes because mistakes make you’.
It was once believed that all things in the universe are placed at random. It is now understood that everything is placed or moving in this world with their own reason rather we consciously know why or not. This phenomenon is the Karmic solution from the collective minds of the universe.
You were born into the family you were to continue the eternal growth and creation of the universe. This happens through time and the timeless.
When you allow your self to be conscious of your creative spirit, you will be embracing the awareness of all life’s gifts.
Allowing your true self to be born into awareness is ultimately terrifying and extremely joyous, for you cannot feel one without the other.
I challenge you to take this journey and unconditionally love yourself. Find yourself, be yourself, liberate yourself. All creation is made of love. From the battles of war and destruction to perseverance of peace and construction.
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