Sanat Kumara Activation, Alignment, & Short Message

Activation: I was shown these energetic rods that have these vibrations/frequencies coming off of them. You can call on Sanat Kumara to come in and bring these rods that carry divine feminine energies from Venus into your fields and also will re-balance and support your energies. You can also visualize and feel a rod going into each hand and holding them for a short period of time (5-10 minutes). There will be other rods that go where they are needed for you and they will dissolve once finished. This will act more as a one time activation and alignment and not something that would need to be repeated.

Message: You are all doing wonderfully in your ascension process. What we are able to see is truly magnificent and you each have all the support you need. Both individually and collectively there are more divine events transpiring. When you see an event or come across information that seems like chaos, just know that there is a divine purpose behind it. The hurricanes and natural disasters are serving a much higher purpose and the law of free will is being followed. Each soul that experiences those events has agreed to it on a soul level and will ultimately lead to them beginning their divine purposes or moving further along if they have already started. Individually you are each experiencing what you need to as well. This is a good time to ask The Creator to send you divine signs. Surrender to the higher power and put your faith in the Creator. Start asking for something small and doable to test that your requests are being heard. Ask to have a divine experience that will help further your faith to know you are always taken care of. Ask to receive a sign that you will know right away as a confirmation. If you test the waters and find that you have not received anything, then it is suggested to work on aligning yourself further to your own soul/inner being and to the Creator, then try again.

When you are ready, call on me, Sanat Kumara, and I will assist you with the activation that Meashenu mentioned above. We (all of your family in the higher dimensions) love you and are there for you always.

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