Scientific Research Shows Redheads Have Genetic Superpowers.

Usually, people that have red hair are maligned and criticized by society. Some call them sexy, while others insult them. The in-between does not exist.

But, there are a lot of significant and famous people who are redheads and among them are Prince Harry, Jessica Chastain, Ed Sheeran, and during interviews, they are mostly asked about the color of their hair.

But, in recent times, Erin La Rosa has published her book titled “The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red,” with the intention to reveal something more about redheads, and even to prove that society is completely wrong about them.

In the book, La Rosa explains how those people that have the color of their hair naturally red should feel proud of it.

In addition, she also stated that, in fact, there are some natural biological advantages and benefits of the fact of being ginger.

In the same book, La Rosa discovers numerous interesting things and facts connected with red hair. Also, she claims that redheads are unique individuals that exist in the world.

Furthermore, she claims that these people are also blessed in some specific way because they can handle pain efficiently than others.

So, this comes as a result of the mutation of the MC1R gene that gives them this red hair color.

One study which has been conducted by the University of McGill in the year 2003 discovered and even proved that people who are natural redheads could tolerate pain better, for 25% more than other people who have a different color of the hair.

Some researchers of Louisville University also claimed that people with natural red hair color need nearly 25% more general anesthesia when they undergo a surgery, which means that they are quite resilient individuals.

This same university conducted another study in the year 2005 which said that red-haired people are more sensitive to the changes in temperature, being among the first ones to know that the cold is about to come.

Moreover, they don’t need the same amount of vitamin D as others need as they produce higher amounts of this vitamin in just a short period, as of the mutation of their MC1R gene.

So, redheads, remember to feel proud of your red hair, and not ashamed. Also, don’t let others insult you.

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