Shadow Connection/Pure Expression

Energy And Affirmation Reading: Shadow Connection/Pure Expression

  • Say: “May my inspired idea be blessed by the creative intelligence and love of this universe. May the perfection of divine timing govern the unfolding of this idea into its most beautiful and fulfilling form. May this idea attract the most nourishing people, situations and opportunities so that it may live out its destiny to make a positive contribution to the world. Through sacred genius, love and grace, so be it.” Alana Fairchild
  • Say, “I allow my mind and body to be cleansed inside and out.” Inna Segal
  • Say, “Infinite Intelligence now awakens my creative, spontaneous, adventurous self. I am ready to allow fun and laughter into my life.” Inna Segal
  • Say, “I release attachment and choose peace. I am strong, free, and able to choose what honors me.” Sandra Ann Taylor
  • Say, “I open my heart and life to truly caring connections. The ideal friend and partner is coming to me now.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • Say, “My throat is open to its perfect healthy state, spinning with the beautiful energy of freedom and self empowerment. I am free to express myself in every way.” Sandra Anne Taylor

As the singing Solus dawns down into the spirit and soul, the shadows linger and wait for their time to speak. The Poet of clear sight spreads the words to shed light upon these shadows you dispraise. As the they find their connections; strong boundaries and a sturdy structure emerges to support abundant growth because now you can own full Authority upon your inner peace. Allow the Hemlock to tea-ch you at the proper tea time. Your rhythm to create malleable peace will begin as you drink from the tea wells of full connection; trust the inner rhythms of you. Be the inspiration that all is looking for. Evoke your Will and Speak it with your spontaneous fun inspired by the bees, the tangerines and the Sun.


  • Say, “I am blessed with an abundantly spiritual life. Every day in every way, my joyous prosperity grows and grows.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • Say, “I let go of fear and worry. I assume the best and live in peace. All is well.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • Say, “Divine Love, pour your healing light into my heart, softening it, purifying it and rejuvenating it so that it is shiny, loving and full of enthusiasm.” Inna Segal
  • Say, “Divine Spirit, please install thoughts and feelings of clarity, peace , and gratitude.” Inna Segal

Grandmother reminds us to keep the infinite open to all points within us. Be at home in your flesh; stand in your garden of infinite trust. Inside, you have the heart of truth and a wondrous spirit. You are not here to follow, you are here to agitate and inspire new ideals and challenge the assimilate. Don’t be too distracted by others path as each of you uniquely create the whole story. Let love radiate within and open your mind to all infinite possible outcomes to the forever unknown.  

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