She Belongs Strong and Bound

Energy and affirmation reading: She Belongs Strong and Bound

  • Say: “Divine Light, I choose to create new boundaries for myself and others. I choose to listen to my own guidance and follow it, respect myself,  value myself, and love myself. ” Inna Segal

The guidance of you is a collective one of sorts. Your loyal and willing heart shows great encouragement to progress through the mass depths of fruition and growth. Keep trusting the process. Keep finding the joy and excitement along the way. Even though there is a vulnerability in change, there is nurturing plights to tend. The inner child needs your inner adult to mature and take the reigns. Only then will the inner child of you feel the bond of trust and calm. 

Do not be afraid to ask for guidance and help but don’t stop. Do the best you can along the way. Be a healthy guardian and let awareness awaken the power of choice. Travel deep and share the medicines you gracefully cultivate. 

All cycles, including grief are necessary for the spirit’s alchemy to take place. Falling apart IS its own magic. getting put together is its own bliss. Allow The brown rays to help you establish the boundaries you need to carry through the cycles in life. 

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