Signs That Say Your Sacral Chakra Is Out Of Balance & What To Do About It

by Conscious Reminder

The system of chakras in our subtle bodies is actually analogous to the system of organs in our physical bodies. Every chakra has an authentic set of functions and characteristics which affect our overall energies.

Every single thing consists of some kind of energy, and our physical bodies are included in this too – so, we may look at our chakras in order to deepen our understandings of different health problems.

Our sacral chakra represents the emotional epicenter. Although imbalances here don’t always affect our physical health, when they affect it, the ailments will make us feel embarrassment or shame.

Exploring our sacral chakra will provide perspectives on why different health problems made us want to escape and hide, usually affecting relationships, sex lives, and social experience.

Developing our sacral chakra.

Our sacral chakra represents the second center of energy to develop. In fact, it follows our root chakra, the subtle body’s foundation.

It also forms when we are between 7 and 14 years old, the period when our emotions and feelings become really important. That’s why physical ailments which are connected with imbalanced sacral chakra will cause some emotional distress.

There are cases in which sacral imbalances will manifest as physical problems; however, in other different cases, the imbalances will trigger the profound emotional wounds which have still not healed.

The age we mentioned before is the period when our relationships are also very important. Our emotional development happens at the same time as our sacral chakra develops, and while emotional dispositions have deep effects on relationships, such relationships at this life phase will have the same deep effect on the emotional well-being too.

So, if we have emotional or physical signs of imbalances in our sacral chakra, it may be prompting us to explore the early relationships we have with our siblings, parents, friends, and teachers.

Sensation and feelings rule our actions, the ones which then become our lives’ stories. We are all hard-wired to feel the necessity of particular things, such as relaxation, connection, joy, pleasure, etc. and avoid other things, such as pain, stress, shame, guilt, discomfort, etc.

This process of repelling and seeking is usually unconscious – we will automatically take some actions in order to create additional pleasure, and also to avoid pain.

However, having our sacral chakra imbalances, and adding old emotional relationships and patterns to that equation will make the things far more complicated.

Ultimately, the function of our sacral chakra often refers to moving past the cycle of craving and aversion, so that everything that happens in our bodies or lives is manageable and welcoming.

Those of us that have clear signs of sacral imbalances should try adding these practices to our daily routines:

Physical: Frog Pose.

The Frog Pose if actually a profound hip opener, which means that we should do it carefully. We may start in the tabletop pose, walking our knees out far away from our body’s midline.

We should also walk our ankles out so that they could be in the same line with our knees, while our feet will be turned outward. We should bring our forearms on the floor, while our palms will facedown, or we may bring our palms together too.

We should take long and profound breaths as we push our hips back and also toward the floor.

We can use blankets in order to pad our knees or pillows in order to rest our forehead or chest on. We can start with 1 or 2 minutes and go up to eleven minutes. We should come out of this pose carefully and slowly.

Mental: Create a certain thing that will be only for our eyes.

We can spend fifteen to thirty minutes drawing or writing something which nobody is ever going to see. The real point of all this would be to let our creativity flow and don’t think of the look or sound of the final product.

Emotional: Forgiveness practice.

We can try this kind of practice for about ten minutes during the day. We should close our eyes and imagine someone we haven’t still forgiven for a certain thing he or she did. We should silently say: I am sorry. I forgive you. I love you. Thank you.

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