Signs You’re A Light Worker & How I Found My Light Worker Purpose!

Signs You’re A Light Worker & How I Found My Light Worker Purpose!


Let’s talk about YOUR light worker purpose.


It’s real. And it’s right there waiting for you to discover and fulfil it!


When you do, you’ll step into your sacred soul purpose of channeling divine healing energy which will uplift humanity and the planet – YES you CAN! (Not sure if you’re a light worker? Check out our list of signs below).


It took a long time for me to figure out how to even BE a light worker (if this is YOUR experience – don’t worry, in our FREE masterclass here, we’ll show you how!) I had spent YEARS trying to fulfil the call deep down inside of me, but I just couldn’t quell it. It was like an alarm clock was ringing in the core of my soul, urging me to take action – there was something I was supposed to be DOING – but I just couldn’t find what. Even when I found my way into energy healing and intuitive work, I still had this nagging feeling. It was close to the call, and it WAS helping people, but that wasn’t quite IT.


And then one day just before Christmas something truly odd happened. I said goodbye to my last energy healing client of the day, and just as I did so, an urgency poured through me at an rapid rate. I had to get a pen and paper QUICK. In an almost panicked frenzy, I began writing the information that was flooding my mind – the ideas were coming so fast I could barely scribble it down in time. Within 5 minutes, I had the ENTIRE PLAN for the basis of Spiritual Awakening Signs!


Once it was all down on paper it seemed so OBVIOUS. Of course! The last few years of struggling through awakening and trying to help myself had given me a crash course in helping others with their awakenings too. It all finally made sense!


But to be honest, it took me a number of years to work out exactly what had happened then (and granted, not all light worker purposes arrive in such an abrupt way) but I’ve come to realise that it was all down to a special mix between two key things – and I’m spilling all the details in our FREE masterclass below!


Here are some of signs that YOU are a light worker:

• You feel like you don’t belong here on Earth

• Earth feels too harsh for you

• You want to save/ heal the world

• You KNOW there’s something you’re meant to do – even if you don’t know what

• You feel like time is running out

• You’re naturally intuitive

• You’re going through a spiritual awakening

• You avoid conflict and disharmony at all costs

• You were born into a dysfunctional family

• You are deeply sensitive and empathic

• You’re naturally caring and want to help or heal others

• You’ve been wounded or traumatised by challenges in your past

• You’re introverted and need time alone to recharge


So, are you a light worker? Of course you are!


Sharing the information and guidance in our light worker masterclass is really important to me because I KNOW that we light workers are seriously needed to steady the energies of humanity at this difficult time – I’ll show you how in our masterclass!


Ready to get started on channeling your light worker energy right now? Then check out our brand new energy healing meditation, ‘The Light Worker Link’. It will help you to energetically connect with light workers across the globe, channel divine energy healing to uplift humanity and release isolation and loneliness – we can get started in around 10 minutes time!


You can check it out and watch the FREE masterclass here.


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