Sky Clearing Meditation Experience

Today was a day I did not wake up feeling good. I didn’t get much sleep last night and when I got up I felt very heavy, very tired, and a bit in a fog. When I looked at the weather for the week I saw today it was warmer but it looked like snow was coming the rest of the week. So I decided I needed to get out on a nature walk today since I won’t want to in the snow later on in the week. I was also getting it would help snap me out of it.

When I looked outside, even though the weather forecast said sunny in my town, there was a big cloud over me. I went to my nature trail place and when I got there I decided I was going to do a sky clearing and get the sun to shine through. I decided I would video record the sky the entire time and be able to show some evidence of it.

Then I got to this new favorite spot I found the last couple of weeks, tucked off to the side of the trail on these rocks next to the water. I was still feeling really heavy and tired. Up till that point of the trail I was pretty much non stop yawning too.

I sat down and put the phone to record the sky above me. I started meditated. In my meditation I ended up doing many things. I’m not sure I will be able to recall the exact order but I will recall what I did. First I had been working with my Kachina that is assigned to me. Rather get into that some other time, but just last night I saw this new thing happen that was tied to that being. Blue/Green neon glowing type of flames came up from my feet/ground last night and came into my fields. I had never seen that energy before. When it left it was sucked back into the ground through the feet too.

I used that energy and it came up from the ground again and put that through my fields. I connected it up and to the clouds too. The main technique that I used to clear the clouds was visualization and feeling. I visualized the sun shining down on me, how the warmth of the sun felt. I felt/envisioned the red colors of the sun shining through my eye lids when my eyes are shut. The oranges that come with that, and sometimes the yellows, that can be seen with the physical eyes with eyes closed and through the eyelids. I felt that the plants were happy, the animals were happy the sun was shining through and they were feeling it too. I visualized the light of the sun shining and reflecting off the water with that white light reflection you can see when that happens. The other part that I envisioned was myself in the future looking back writing this article and sharing the videos that it was a success.

I would also visualize that a beam of light was going from me up to the clouds and a beam of light was coming from the sun down to the clouds and the two beams connected and cleared out the clouds. And I summoned the spirit of the wind to blow the clouds away too, which is often what has happened in the past when I’ve done sky clearing too. The wind comes in to assist me.

Then I had to look at myself. I asked myself what if this cloud is just energy in my own fields manifesting itself as a big cloud above me? So I used that flame energy from the ground to go through my fields and take away any heavy energy, dense energies, old energies and any clouds hanging over me in my fields. It did this and it pulled the old energies down into the earth with it. Then I also called in the violet flame energy into my fields and created a pillar/beam of it into the core of the earth and up to the sun, specifically spreading it through the clouds too.

Throughout this meditation and what I was doing, I would go through periods of “ok that is done” and then I would completely let go of it, trusting that what I envisioned would come to pass. So did this and sunk deeper into my meditation. This is where I tapped back into love and spread love all through my fields and into the land and sky where the clouds were. Felt such good love energy that filled me when I did this.

At one point the light of the sun was shining through the clouds directly at me, you can start to see this in the second video. When the light started shining through from the sun I started to feel it and got excited. I then focused on the area it was coming through to connect more to the sun and the light there so it would expand and make a bigger opening in the clouds.

From that point pretty much everything I had envisioned and felt in that envisioning came to pass. The light of the sun started to shine through right on me. I saw the red colors through my eye lids, the orange through my eye lids, and the yellows through my eye lids. It would go in phases where I would see the red, then the orange, then the yellow. I started to feel my own light/power increase too. I continued to meditate and I kept seeing these blue spheres and blue streaks. I will draw a picture and share sort of these streaks. Even though my eyes were closed I was seeing different patterns and shapes through my eyelids with my physical eyes. It was like I was seeing the outlines of the plants around me too through my eye lids. It was a bit surreal but this continued for a bit and still saw these blue spheres and streaks.

At about this time the sky was clear enough and the energies were pouring down on me so I decided to get up and finish my walk. I put the intent out there that by the time my walk is finished the sky would also be clear.

At some point along my walk this really powerful wind came in and was blowing the clouds away further, I knew with the wind my manifestation had already come to pass and I would see a clear sky by the end of my walk.

Normally the skies kind of just clear up automatically and I don’t really have to meditate or do much. Other times I’ve just meditated and it happened automatically without any intent. I have experienced several times the sky is cloudy when I start a meditation and the sun is shining when I am done. But with intent it generally can be done in 10-20 mins. Today it took about 30 mins but I started in a heavier energy as mentioned.

When I first started today and in my meditation my energy wasn’t in a high frequency, but after doing what I did my energy became a high frequency again. I will share some of the images and videos below. I did not add filters or change anything, this was all done with taking photos and videos on my phone with no filters or edits.

Lastly I do want to say that if you do this yourself you do not have to do nearly as much as I did. I just like playing with different energies so I did a lot more than I needed to. Simply visualization/imagining the sky being clear and feeling the energy of the sun and the light shining through like it has already happened is enough to shift the reality and create it. From there after you have really felt it as much as you can then you simply release it and trust that it will come to pass. If you try this and it does not work, this can then act like a gauge you can use to see what doubts and other energies of lack are within you to heal. You will be able to do it… and more.

This is a picture of the sky when I first got out of my car and started walking:

This is the first video below and is the first 17 minutes of my meditation. Mostly what started occurring to make the manifestation come to fruition was the wind coming in and starting to pick up to blow the clouds away.

Next below is the second video. I specifically remember that when I went to stop this video the length was 15:55 and I had been seeing 555 a lot lately so this was a good sign. I didn’t stop the recording at that length it went another 20 seconds or so, just what I saw when I looked right at the phone when I was done. You can also notice how the wind comes in during this video. I had asked the spirit of the wind to come in and when the wind was hitting me it felt so warm and light.

These photos were right after the meditation when I was still at the same spot. You can see how the light is pushing the clouds away:

Here are some other ones that are a bit further along on my walk that I wanted to share. The colors coming from the sun mostly and in the first image you can see the violet light in my aura:

In these last photos (and a couple of the other ones above) you can see the 3 rings of light that have started to appear in my fields as I embody more of my light. I’m still working on figuring out what they mean but I believe one ring represents love, the next gratitude, and last one represents forgiveness.

Here is an image of the light being reflected off the water as I described when I was envisioning/manifesting:


Now to finish off this post I want to share the short video clip of the sky at the end of my walk. You can still see a lot of colors coming down ?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and ask questions there too.



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