Solar Plex Chakra Rebalance:

Solar Plex Chakra
1. Choices
Practice letting your true self make choices. Feel and be present and own your choices fully.
2. Leadership
Listen to your intuition more and stand up for what feels right. Decisions that are coming from your heart feels intuitively right, even stand alone if you have to. Confidence in your own intuition is rebalancing.
3. Solitude
Listen to your own balance and give yourself the time you need to heal, realign, listen and grow spiritually
4. Try new things
Take back your presence and leap through your fears with confidence knowing fear cant hurt you.
5. Core Strengthening
Helps with harnessing energy. Use pilates, yoga, sit-ups, martial arts.
6. Honor your gut knowings
You have Powerful intuitions, listen to them and learn to work with it and not against it.
7. Praise your poop
Out with the old and in with the new type of attitude towards your crap. Give yourself the fiber and water you need.
8. Visual Arts
Find things that speak to your being
May be an image of fire and outdoors
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