Solar Plex Misalignment #2

I Did some research on the High blood pressure issues and water retention as well as diabetes. Keep in mind that Hypertension/High blood pressure, as well as fluid retentions, are symptoms and not causes. Here I list some alternatives to ween yourself off medications and are not to be taken long term with medications.

There are three main conditions that cause Hypertension.
Obesity; blood pressure naturally increases as weight increases
Insulin resistance; Diabetes (high insulin causes blood to retain more sodium by increasing reabsorption of sodium in the Kidneys)
Elevated triglycerides; Genetic disposition ‘bad’ LDL Cholesterol vs ‘good’ LDL Cholesterol.

Note that monitoring sodium intake helps lower blood pressure in short term but will have no effect to the main causes.

The causes can be addressed on an individual needs basis. lifestyle is a huge factor.

Physiological/emotional perspective

Chronic Stress

Note that thoughts of stress can increase blood pressure and not just actions
Practice changing expectations by accepting there are things you cannot manipulate or control. You can, however, change how you react to the stressors around you.

  • Work, Family, Finances and illness
  • Focus more on the issues you can control and make long term plans to solve them.
  • Learn to recognize and prioritize stress triggers
  • Make time or routine to relax and do activities you enjoy
  • Start paying attention to your breathing and settling unwanted thoughts in your mind.
  • Breathing is often overlooked, but when you take the time to listen to your breathing you will notice that your breath is shallow and not supplying your body with adequate amount of oxygen to reach all the cells within the body. More cells are being destroyed rather than being replenished.
  • Monitor/journal how your body reacts or feels to specific activities and foods. This helps you take conscious initiative to make choices for your own body and not be controlled blindly by your body.
  • Get support; Have people around you that are respectable for your well being. Allow yourself to be authentic (express the healthy range of emotion) without being ‘held hostage’ to them.
  • Learn the full meaning to ‘discernment’ that will be unique to you. Listen to criticism with discernment. Take less defence and consider other perspectives to handle conditions you may normally try to control yourself.
  • Allowing a larger range of understanding may put yourself in touch with emotional and morale boosts.

Essential Oils; Use in diffusers, on cotton balls, incense burners, teas, massage oils etc.
Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Clary, Sage, Frankincense

  • 3 drops of Cinnamon oil + 1/2 tsp coconut oil (massage on wrists and abdomen – helps with HDL cholesterol levels)

Alternative food and diet perspective

For a quick fix to lower Blood Pressure:
– A pot of boiled water
– 3 cloves of garlic (monitor when taken with BP pills since it is a natural blood thinner)
– 1 lemon juiced
– 1 tsp of honey

For Blood Vessel therapy
– Lemon Juice; Helps keep blood vessels flexible and soft
– Honey; helps with a calming effect to blood vessels (Tsp of honey on an empty stomach every morning)
– Onion Juice; 1/2tsp + 1tsp of honey twice a day for 14 days will naturally decrease BP
– Celery; Reduces stress hormone, relaxes muscles in turn reduces constriction in blood vessels
– Cayenne pepper; prevents platelets in the blood to clump together in turn helps with smooth blood flow.

Lymphatic System Healing

Out of balance;
The system is doing what it can with a low blood volume in your body (breathing and stress contribute).
With an Acidic diet your lymph will pull alkaline from your bones to balance the ph level since acidic blood cannot be pumped through the heart. Thick viscus blood makes the heart work harder (dehydration) the lymph is trying to pull mineral reserves from where ever it can get it.

Bottled water or tap water are not considered proper hydration these days. Heavy metals and micro plastic as well as other deposits contaminate the water making it difficult for the body to absorb what it needs.

  • Distilled water – add your own minerals and nutrients
  • Spring waters are considered hydrating
  • Add fruits or veggies such as parsley to your water (helps bind/clean/filter)

Sufficient Supplements

  • Magnesium; most important. approx 500mg before bed. Is really good to take it with calcium for the best absorption. you can buy them combined. This helps with 300 enzymic reactions in the body.
  • CoQ10; a coenzyme that is an antioxidant and protect cells from damage. It plays an important role in metabolism. (after age 50, metabolic syndrome becomes a factor – a handful of metabolic disorders become high risk; high cholesterol, insulin, atherosclerosis, and increased waist size)
  • Fish oil; Supports healthy cholesterol, boost mood and maintain strong bones
  • Vitamin B6; Supports Red Blood Cell production

Try to never take Potassium as a supplement; Coconut water is an excellent source as well as potatoes, bananas, nuts, etc. (helps decrease sodium levels and increase urine output)

  • Alkaline Herbs (Anti Diabetic properties; assist with lymph system duties)
  • Aloe vera
  • Bitter Melon
  • Cinnamon
  • Fenugreek
  • Ginger
  • Okra
  • Dandelion leaf; natural diuretic

Natural reversal of Diabetes

Give three to six weeks to implement each step. when you body feels comfortable in moving from the dependance of addictive foods.

Step 1: Remove

  • Refined sugars
  • Grains (gluten causes intestinal inflammation)
  • Cows Milk
  • Alcohol
  • GMO foods
  • Hydrogenated oils (they contain bleaching agents and dyes)

Step 2: Incorporate

  • High fibers; Brussel sprouts, chia seeds, flax seeds, avocados, berries, nuts
  • High Chromium; involved in natural carbohydrate and lipid metabolism raw cheese, green beans, brewers yeast, grass fed beef
  • Magnesium rich foods; spinach, chards, pumpkin seeds, almonds, black beans
  • Healthy fats; Coconut oil and red palms oil
  • Clean proteins; Bone Broth, fish, lentils, eggs
  • Low glycemic load; non starchy veggies, stone fruits, berries, nuts

Step 3: Supplements

  • 200 mg Chromium picolinate (3times a day with meals)
  • Cinnamon; Sprinkle on everything (foods, smoothies,teas)
  • fish oil; 1,000 mg daily
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (APA); Turns glucose into fuel, reduces symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.
  • Bitter melon extract: Helps reduce and manage symptoms such as insulin resistance, heart complications, kidney damage, blood vessel damage,eye disorders, and hormones

Step 4: Follow an eating plan

  • Do what works best for your lifestyle and work with your body so it feels most comfortable with change.
  • Make your eating simple and repeatable

Step 5: Exercise

  • Helps reduce chronic diseases and promotes healthier blood flow
  • Breathing exercises, tools and techniques
  • Stretching, cardio, yoga,

I am not a physician or a certified professional. I have a lot of experience taking care of people and have found my passion in researching, healing and educating. I hope you find my perspective useful.

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