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Solar Plex: ‘You have the ability and power to choose’

Strengthen your inner fire, digestive fire and your center of will power

Fire, is the highest elemental energy power for the third chakra. The fire can manifest intentions within you and be whatever you choose it to be. It is this manipura that intends breathing with deep or shallow breath, that takes the time or no time at all to intend emotional reactions, or restrict intention so that the shame you hold so dear inside the manipura is protected from your soul’s fire that burns you from the inside out.

Shame, is the main fear obstacle of the third chakra. You Punish your self with intentions by telling your self you have no choice but to choose what other people or substances say you can choose because you cannot trust your own judgment.

Third chakra can be so much more if external influences were less deceitful. The energy in the manipura has the potential to be limitless, intentions can be peaceful and endless, and with awareness, it can be witnessed and directed in time and the timeless.

Center of Will is where the Human and Being meet with intention.

Free your fire within by recognizing your ability to love and forgive. Recognize your power to choose to love and forgive unconditionally. Choose not to be forever punished by the forever past. Choose to sit in the realm of fire without fear of being burned by your own flame. Choose to enjoy life and be secure with your true being. Choose to see everything and anything you intend for the first time. Let your true self introduce the body to a new love and acceptance and truly believe.

The Lower chakra energies synchronize, swirl and dance in the solar plex chakra. This energy and balance streams through modes of intent unconsciously and or consciously. The higher chakra energies have the potential to meet the low chakras in the solar plex. This can be the most terrifying and most joyful feeling when they do meet. The healing potential, strengthening potential and unconditional loving potential is phenomenally invigorating. A conscious being has the ability and power to choose their own intentions. Owning your choices and running your life in awareness is absolutely liberating.

Experience Manipuri

The solar plex chakra is of the low chakras that affects the physical well being. Use your will to choose to love yourself unconditionally. Shift your awareness to include your new balance. Be in the front seat of your life to consciously intend to do anything you want in your life. Take advantage of the many kinds of will power meditations online. The online meditation can help with things like quitting smoking, OCD tendencies, self confidence and so on. So many things effect our power of choice. If you can manage to take back your own Body and Mind it would be through the Solar Plex. Choose to mirror your home with your internal healing and shifts. The more you intend to heal and shift your awareness, the more it needs to integrate into the external world so that you never fall back into unconsciousness. Your Kitchen and Bathroom would be a huge focus, reflect what you eat and enjoy the kitchen. You need to be comfortable in the bathroom; put a magazine rack and play with colors to encourage healthy elimination and hygiene. The bathroom needs to be a place of comfort and to take all the time you need to find balance in the solar plex. A lot of the balance is maintained by releasing byproducts and gasses and bacteria through elimination. Choose to praise the process and to never block or be resentful of the process. Water is the powerful element that helps with neutralizing energy and balance, so again, the kitchen and the bathroom needs to feel and reflect your healthy shifts to stay empowered in your home.

I enjoy learning to shift my solar plex chakra. I am less afraid to play around and learn the strength and power of my own intentions. I encourage you to step into the solar plex, listen to it, stay calm and practice letting your being become one with the decisions and intentions. Allow these intensive energies heal other areas in need. I feel I have only scratched the surface of the solar plex and continue embracing more and more every chance I can.

About the author: Robyn Baldwin
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