Solar Plexus Misalignment

Solar Plex Illness and Recovery process

I want to share an excerpt of one of my case studies on a third chakra illness. I do not claim to be a physician or a professional in anyway. However, I have experience taking care of several people and making them as comfortable as possible during the most fatal moments in life. Because of this I was inspired to follow illnesses to understand the single most important energy signature they carry. I believe we can turn illness around if we are given true eduction and encouragement to implement proper changes in our life. Medications are great for short term use but is never a good idea for long term symptom control.

I hope you can find some of the information I put together helpful for you and you healing journey.

Condition; IBS, Diverticulitis

Quick Overview:

IBS; 85% of all IBS symptoms are caused by the emotional body. When we dissociate mind and body from our own health and well being for a long period of time our organ systems begin to work harder to reach recognition and balance; especially women who are committed to putting their family needs ahead of their own. As a mother myself I completely understand the importance for this role. Unfortunately, the IBS condition is becoming more common due to the fact that reciprocation, gratefulness and appreciation is not equalized or sustained as a whole throughout society. When negative and positive energies are not dancing well within our home, friends and workplace, then digestion begins to slowdown till the organ systems can figure out how to maintain balance again. Allergies, inflammation and autoimmune disorders can cause the digestive system to stay in a loop state of pain and inflammation.

Diverticulitis; This is a symptom branching from either long term heart stress/disease or Gall bladder and liver stress/disease.

Heart; This begins when magnesium is deficient within the body and a bacteria is introduced to the blood causing a high concentration of bacterium and defending simple bacteria cannot be achieved. Therefore the immune system becomes compromised, heart becomes under constant stress and digestion slows down breaking down the intestinal walls.

Gall bladder/liver; This stores bile from the liver. blockages happen due to stones produced from stagnation and then digestion becomes compromised by the lack of bile support. The liver is the filter that needs to be detoxified every so often since it is where anger and hostile emotions are stored. When the liver is under stress from the mind and bodies dissociation long term, bile is produced with high levels of toxicity and low levels of T-cells.


  • Esomeprazole – Gastric acid pump inhibitor

Side effects – abdominal pain, diarrhea and headaches

Alternative sources

Licorice root; take as an extract or a chewable tablet for up to 6 weeks to help with GERD symptoms

Slippery Elm; Take as a tea, tincture or lozenges to help sooth mucosa lining

Marshmellow Root; Take as a tea, tincture or capsules to help repair intestinal mucosa lining.

  • Domperidone – Increases the contractions of the stomach and bowels. Also known to treat nausea and vomiting caused by Parkinson disease.

Side Effects – dry mouth, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, rash, itching, hives, and hyperprolactinemia (the symptoms of which may include breast, enlargement, galactorrhea, breast pain/tenderness, gynecomastia, hypogonadism, and menstrual irregularities)

Alternative Sources

Drink One tsp of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water 15 minutes before each meal. Helps with stomach pains, heartburn, bloating, and improves digestion.

Vitamins and minerals used for relief of IBS and Diverticulitis

  • Sterol and Sterolin: 1 cap 3x daily – Supports immune function and inflammation
  • Vitamin C with querciten: 1000/400mg – Prevents inflammation and boosts immune system. (for constipation; take 1000mg every 4 hours until stool becomes soft)
  • Calcium and magnesium: 1000/500mg – Restore deficiency and prevent colon cancer
  • Bromalain/Popain: Found in pineapple 450/300mg take with meals – supports digestion
  • L-glutomine: 1000mg – Support heathy villi and the surfaces that help absorption in the intestines.
  • Lactobacillus: 1tsp daily – improve intestinal flora, reduce IBS and Diverticulitis symptoms
  • Omega 3: found in flaxseed – increase fibre intake, control diarrhea, correct constipation, sooth intestinal lining, reduce inflammation and suppress leukotriene which is responsible for signaling inflammation.
  • Vitamin B complex: Support digestion and neural activity as well as be important for repair.
  • Vitamin D3: Restore deficiency that leads to bone disease.
  • Colostrum: 1tsp – contains lactoferrin and enhances immunoglobulin
  • Iron: 10mg – only if you are diagnosed with anemia

Herbal Supplements and Teas

  • For an overactive stomach; Ginger, peppermint, valerian, fennel and lemon balm
  • For an under active bile production (note carbohydrates and fats cause slower bile production); Bitter herbs – Dandelion, plantain, yarrow, wormwood and gentain.
  • For relief from diarrhea; Steeped black tea, blackberry tea, or boil ginger-fennel and basil. drink three cups a day until diarrhea stops.
  • For foul smell Diarrhea; Herbs containing Berberine – Coptis and or goldenseal are both natural antibacterial.
  • For emotional stress symptom relief; Senega, lily bulb, poria, bamboo, *zizyphus, dragon bone and licorice.
  • Overall healthy digestion support; Patchouli, atractylodes, magnolia bark, peony, ginger, tangerine, cardamon, fennel and licorice root.

Essential oils to help support health and digestion

  • Nausea: Lemon oil, ginger oil, peppermint oil, cardamon oil (diffuse, or drink with tea or water.
  • Gas and Bloating: Digest blend – Anise seed oil, peppermint oil, Ginger oil, rhizome root oil, caraway seed oil, coriander oil, tarragon and fennel oil. (rub on abdomen, feet and or drops under tongue or with beverage)
  • Ulcers: Clove oil, ginger oil, turmeric oil, cinnamon oil, basil oil and holy basil oil. (rub on abdomen or feet, add to foods or beverages)
  • Peppermint oil: 3-6 caps a day – reduces cramping, relieves gas, increases bile.
  • Evening primrose oil: 500mg – Reduces inflammation by inhibiting inflammatory mediators; prevents zinc deficiency.

Steps to healing and recovery of IBS and Diverticulitis

If possible begin a 48-72 hour fasting of just liquid consumption. This will help reboot your immune system, cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the liver. reintroduce foods one week at a time to promote healing from inflammation.

Step One ~ Remove:

  • Dairy and bad oils (corn oil, sunflower oil, canola etc)
  • Grains and gluten (White flour, breads, rice etc)
  • Sugar and raw vegetables
  • Egg whites and cold drinks

Step Two ~ Reseal:

  • Bone Broth (can buy it in powder form or make your own)
  • Steamed veggies and brown rice (pumpkin and squash are very healing)
  • Fruits (no small seeds – blueberries and pears)
  • Organic meats (grass fed beef and free ranged chickens usually have no GMO or steroids in them – helps promote healing of the digestive walls)
  • Drying and warming herbs such as all mentioned.

Step Three ~ Reseed

  • Soil Based Organisms for probiotics
  • Sourkraut
  • Greek yogurts

Step Four ~ Rebuild

  • Bone broth (use to make soups, rice, gluten free pasta etc)
  • Multi collagen (helps get your body producing its own again) coconut products
  • Ginger (smooth digestion)
  • Astrugula (increase zinc)
  • Fish (omega)

Step Five ~ Restore

Diverticulitis is a dynamic of a Push/Pull relationship. Components are Boundaries and discipline vs Love and acceptance. Push is being the ‘Ruler’ type – inflexible, perfectionist, detail orientated. Pull is being the ‘hero’ type – does everything they can to protect others. either you live in a relationship like this, or work in this environment or struggle and hold this conflict within yourself with no external expression of it.

  • Fear: identify the fear that keeps you from moving forward in life. Recognize your purpose. Expression is important. Faith and trust in progress has to be recognized by you and with you. Helps to re associate your mind and body. This is a practice in being the ‘parent’ for the parts of you that needed extra love and acceptance and less boundary and discipline or visa versa.
  • Worry: You feel the need you have to do it yourself to be done right and or others rely on you to get it done. Allow room for expansion and failure. Ask others to pick up where you need help. Start small; So when it doesn’t get done, it becomes a learning moment for the ones you are asking. While you are using this moment to learn how to treat your needs, you ‘Teach them how to treat you’ with solid boundaries, discipline love and acceptance. Create that support to pull you and your loved ones out of your own push/pull cycle. Work with affirmations and positive aspirations on a daily bases.
  • Grief: Connection is really important. search an outlet for a new fresh base (yoga, tai chi, walking, curling club, bowling, book club etc) and find what your passions are. losing oneself within a family or work can be extremely distressing and can pull you into depression with IBS symptoms. Release or restrain people in your life that drain you and find people who lift you up with affection and openness. Its all about finding the right balance with the level of grief, worry and fear within.

Repairing your body is more possible now more than ever before. The key to this healing is the acceptance of mind, body and emotional health. No matter what illness or misalignment you carry, there is a sequence that works for you to find your way back to health. Never settle for a health care provider that sees you as trouble when you mention alternative healing modalities. A true physician would work with you to find a plan to holistic recovery.

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