Spiritual meaning of the owl

Owls always see the light. They better navigate at night as the light doesn’t blind them, since they see illuminated shapes. It is better for them to distinguish objects, and the horizon when not everything is too bright. This makes them excellent navigators through the darkness.

Owls are clever animals with great intuition that they use when they are hunting. Seeing owls is believed to be signs of great wisdom and intelligence while also linked with magic. In old times they believed owls to be heralds of death, yet that is not really the case.

Usually when an owl appears on your path repeatedly it’s a Divine sign and you need to take a closer look into its meaning. It can show up anywhere, not only in physical form; You might see it as a drawing, a picture, on TV, or as a statue.

Symbolism of an owl

When you see an owl up in the sky, it might mean that you need to make bold decisions, and take action. Trust your own capabilities, your own intuition, and take the leap. Do not wait for things to change, start taking small steps forward and the change will follow you.


When you see an owl sitting, they might bring you messages from a diseased loved one, a guide or even alert you towards something. Animals can be messengers from the other side. If you feel that is the case, pause, take a deep breath and consider: what is the message that this owl brings me?

When you mentally pause and set the intention, you get to “unravel” the message through your own intuition. It’s a good idea to write down the first thing that comes in your mind. Do not second guess yourself.

All have this ability innately. It is how your spiritual team guides you constantly, even if you are not aware of it. Tune inwards; Meditate on the message that the owl brings you, and trust what you receive.


Many times, the owl comes to alert you. it’s a shout of: ‘be careful”, or “watch out”. You might be working on something that won’t be beneficial to you, or detracts you from your path. a person in your life might require some  caution, or something that requires change.

Does something like that comes to mind now? Why do you think the owl showed up, and kept showing up for you? Focus on the message and don’t ignore it. Trust the guidance, and take a closer look into what requires change.


Owl as a spirit animal

When an owl is part of your spiritual team, as an animal totem; they share part of their qualities with you. in the case of the owl, they share their great instincts and intuition with anything that has to do with “seeing outside the lines”. In other words you get to understand the intentions of another even before they speak them. You have great insight to situations, so that you are better prepared.

Owls, like all the other animal totems, work with you as you sleep, as well as show up every time you ask them for help. They can help “sharpen” your focus, your instincts, and even your survival skills. Ask them to help you really understand if something or someone is for your highest good. Entrust your owl spirit guide to help you with situations that require extra skill and sensitivity.

Owls can also be great protectors for children. They can be guides day and night to entrust the well-being of a young child, until you tell them otherwise. They help them stay on the “path of the light”.


Owls in dreams

Similar to the messages that they might bring you in your awake state, dreaming of owls brings caution on a topic, or person that requires your attention so that it doesn’t harm or upset you. if in your dream when you see the owl you are with someone else, or you were doing something the time you saw it; focus on who that is, or what you were doing. This help you interpret the meaning. Possibly that will be what you need to be careful of.


Moreover, dreaming of owls means that you need to awaken your own intuition, inner knowing and instincts, as well as you inner magic. The owl in the dream possibly invites you on a journey with it, to help teach you how to trust your inner gifts. It tells you that it’s the best time to trust yourself and you will triumph.

Share your own dreams with owls in the comments, and what you think they mean for you!

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