Spirituality and conovirus

Direct Divine Channeling

“You are asked to release the fear that keeps you bound and restricted. You’re more than your fear. Your energy is so vibrant and it’s constantly growing and elevating that no virus can stand in the way of your expansion. This outbreak that you are so afraid of, do not let it limit you, to keep you restricted, hidden from society, from interacting with others. You’re able to control your own energy, your own frequency. you are responsible for what goes in your system.

With this we want you to become aware that the panic that is spread, the worry, the anxiety and the fear does not come from source, but comes from the ego. The ego that is disengaged from divine connection, from your higher self connection. To release the fear come back to love, into divine connection into divinity, feel the peace spread joy and calmness and serenity. you’re asked to disengage from the social media that spread chaos and worry and fear and tune into this higher divinity that exists within you.

A virus feeds on low energy. It is the production of low vibration. You are harmonious and healthy by nature, and you experience it the more connected with your higher self you become. you will not be affected by this negative frequency of the virus if your aura is strong and if you are elevated enough, but also but less impact it will have on you. The less symptoms that will show up even if you become prone to it, and eventually, the faster it will dissipate.

So, we want you to return into the knowing that all is well that you are protected as long as you stay uplifted and elevated. Stay away from the panic, and chaos from the social media that bring you constant worry. The same as with anything that brings you to stress and disharmony.

 You’re asked to return into to your higher self to find the peace that exists within you, and with that you will succeed you will conquer any challenge that comes your way.

This experience will help you to tune into to your own divinity to find peace and harmony. To disengage from the fear is a challenge but it will help you learn. You learn as part of the process of expansion. Do not see this virus as an instrument of low vibrational frequency, which it ultimately is, but see it as an opportunity to thrive against these low frequencies and to spread more love and more joy.

Meditation for global health

 So we would like to take a moment now to welcome you into this new state of awareness of inner peace and of joy. To help you tune into your own expansion find the peace and the harmony that exists and strengthen your immune system by finding the belief that all is well, to keep you calm.

Furthermore, with the following meditation, you will help spread lighter frequencies all around; to help heal, eliminate the density, and eliminate the fear and the panic as well as the virus itself.

Remember, the light becomes stronger as you focus on it, and as you find peace and harmony, you allow it to flow through you and to any situation and shift it.

You are way stronger than any virus, that any low frequency. So let’s come together now. in this moment of peace to help you achieve this on a greater scale. Because it all starts from you.

Let’s spread joy, peace, positivity. Let’s do this together now dearest light being. Let’s shine. a little brighter and illuminate the world.”


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