Stay Calm and Trust the Innate

Energy and affirmation Reading: Stay Calm and Trust the Innate
  • ‘I Relax into playful imagination and open a flow of healing inspiration and uplifting Divine guidance’ Alana Fairchild
  • ‘Through the sacred circle of healing, I serenely integrate spiritual talents and soul wisdom into my heart. I am ready for empowered and loving expression.’ Alana Fairchild
  • ‘In choosing embodied presence at this moment, I attain clarity, recognize my innate empowerment and Awaken my natural healing energies.’ Alana Fairchild
  • “I can now place myself in other people’s shoes and talk to them from a place of love and compassion” Inna Segal
The nurturing mother of all that is natural, the world’s Yin energy sparks the unconditional love into manifestation. Patience will be had from the yang’s predicament for his will and action has practiced a focus that deepens foundational boundaries. That type of intoxicating love dwells within the truest form of trust. The innate kind. The most potent and familiar of them all.
Don’t be afraid to celebrate yourself and others. Call the circle and make some magic. Allow Turquoise to assist you in embracing the empathy you find yourself faced with in this present moment. Trust in your ability to helping others stand in their presence as well; As the Yin stands with the Yang.
Stay calm and trust in the innate. Raise a little power for healing and transformation. Consciously or not, you are wise and know how to grow into your power.
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