Stay in the Light

Stay in the Light
Published by Marcusba in Messages · 6/7/2019 12:00:00

We are definitely in some very changing times at present and one of the things I have been talking about for the last few years is the ending of what we refer to as Karma. When you talk to most people about Karma, they usually only think of negative things. Of course, this is not and never was the case. If you have a listen to my video, “You are who you are Meant to Be”, then you may understand this better. Karma is how we have been evolving, a method of teaching us lessons on how to purify our True Selves. It has been a means to an end. To use the term of “Cause and Effect” is also a good way to look at this.
E.g. “My Higher Self, cannot and does not understand Altruistic Unconditional Love”. I will have lifetimes of learning how to achieve this some of the lessons may look to some like what is called Bad Karma. That is because the lesson involved gave us an opportunity that we did not take or had not yet fully grasped.
E.g., We left our loved one without home or funds to survive or even hurt them physically or emotionally.
The next time we try to learn this lesson the so called Karma is payed back through the medium of “Cause and Effect” and we again spend time with the same soul, but this time get everything Just Right (Goldilocks). You can see how easy it has been for us to misconstrue how this has been working. Actually, by failing we are taught very valuable lessons that aid us in our goals.

Now we are in Our Golden Age, an age of Love and Light, Compassion and Understanding, Caring and Oneness. An age of what I call Human Beings, Being Human. We only need to Stay in the Light now when things are trying. When everything seems to be against us. Because now we should Know that, we are Co-Creators. We decide how we want our Lives to Be, and the way we do that is to Stay in The Light and Stay in your Heart. Stay positive in your Heart, and know that you are Watched Over and Looked after. Know that everything that happens is to Make you the Person you need to be. It is not a curse or bad luck or the likes. Know that there is a massive Light at the end of this tunnel and you are approaching it day by day. Wake up thinking that Every Day is a Blessing, because it really is. If you can, also spend some regular time to help in Bringing this Light Down to Gaia and all the Beings on and in Her.
Remember if you see the news and it looks catastrophic or troublesome; just see the end result as being full of Light and Good Endings. If you allow these sources of Darkness to infiltrate you, they will bring your Vibration down and this will affect everything in You and Around You. Just Stay in the Light as much as you can. Also, remember “Onwards Upwards sideways and Downwards” (another one of my YouTube Videos). If not have another look at that.
Onwards and Upwards is a great Motto for Us Now.

About the author: MArcturus Wayitis

I have recently been guided to produce some Ascension Music that I feel is to Guide those on their Ascension Journey. I really enjoyed the production of this and it has led me back into playing my guitar a bit, which has to be a good thing. Ascension Guidance and Healing is what I do for others. As for myself, this is the path I have been on since 1970, when I started my spiritual journey. Of course, it was not called this in those days. However, for the Seeker, it is always a path of Ascension. I have since my late teens studied many things but finally became my True Self and this enabled me to communicate with the Beings of Light and Love that are with us now. My main connections are through Archangels but also some Star Beings, as my pseudonym MArcturus, will allude to. I live in the South East of the UK in a very beautiful part of the World and am very blessed with those around me. I Help people on their Ascension Journeys through Workshops, One on One sessions of Guidance and Healing, where I use two new Modalities, namely Metatron and Arcturian Healing. Both of which help and guide people to connect more directly with their Higher Selves and so aid them on their Ascension Journeys.
N.B. If you see any Fabulous Crystal Videos on here, then they will be by Karin Bain, (AKA Lyra Bain) My Incredible Wife. I have to admit that the only credit I can take is that it was me, who found her first. Together we Founded “The Bain Clan”