Supplements for a Sore Throat

Here are some natural sore throat remedies.
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Marshmallow root
People have used extracts from the marshmallow plant, Althaea officinalis, to treat sore throats and other conditions since ancient times. Its root contains a gelatin-like substance called mucilage that coats and lubricates the throat when a person swallows it.

Sage and Echinacea
Sage may help with many inflammatory conditions, and controlled studies suggest that it can help relieve throat pain.

Echinacea is another herb that people use in traditional medicine. It can fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, and help treat respiratory conditions.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is a natural health tonic. It has been a staple in folk medicine remedies for centuries. Its main active ingredient, acetic acid, helps fight bacteria.

Saltwater gargle
The salt helps reduce swelling by pulling water out of the throat tissue. It may also help kill harmful microbes in the throat.

People use honey as a medicine because it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects. In addition to helping fight infection and providing pain relief, honey can also make certain remedies taste better.

Licorice root
The licorice plant, also called Glycyrrhiza glabra, is native to Europe and South Asia. It has properties similar to aspirin that may help reduce sore throat pain. It also has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Lemon water
Lemon water is a refreshing beverage that may also reduce the throat pain that occurs during a cold or flu. Lemon contains vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants. These compounds fight inflammation and reduce oxidative stress, which are common markers of disease. Lemon also increases the amount of saliva the body produces, which can help keep the mucous membranes moist.

Ginger root tea
Ginger is a spice with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that may help relieve throat pain. Some laboratory studies have found that ginger extract can kill some bacteria and viruses that cause respiratory illnesses. It can also reduce inflammation in people with tuberculosis, which is a lung disease.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is very soothing because it helps lubricate the mucous membranes in the throat and may have anti-inflammatory effects.

Cinnamon is a fragrant and delicious spice with a high antioxidant content. It can also provide antibacterial benefits. In Chinese medicine, cinnamon is a traditional remedy for colds, flus, and sore throats.

Plenty of fluids
Although swallowing may be uncomfortable, drinking plenty of water or other fluids will ultimately make the throat feel better. It is important to keep the throat’s mucous membranes hydrated so that they can heal. Drink tea, herbal infusions, water, or other beverages at whatever temperature feels most comfortable.

Chicken soup
Chicken soup is a well-known natural cold and sore throat remedy. It is also a comfort food that allows people to get more fluids when they are sick. Try adding garlic to the soup. Garlic contains bioactive compounds that can also provide benefits during times of illness.

Peppermint tea
Peppermint tea contains anti-inflammatory compounds and is very soothing to the throat. The mint may also slightly numb the throat, thereby relieving pain. Peppermint tea is caffeine-free, and its naturally sweet taste often requires no additional sweetener.

Chamomile tea
Chamomile is a daisy-like plant that people have used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Some research suggests that chamomile tea promotes restful sleep, which is important for healing. Other studies have found that chamomile may help fight infection and reduce pain. Chamomile tea has a pleasant, mild aroma and flavor. Like other herbal teas, chamomile contains no caffeine.

Herbal lozenges
Teas, infusions, and other drinks are soothing and provide hydration, but sometimes sucking on a throat lozenge can also be comforting.

Over-the-counter medications also can help ease a sore throat, including:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): NSAIDs relieve inflammation and sore throat pain without causing stomach discomfort. Two common types are ibuprofen and aspirin.

Sprays: Lidocaine sprays and other numbing throat sprays can effectively reduce throat pain.

Lozenges: Throat lozenges containing lidocaine or other types of numbing medicine can help soothe a sore throat.


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