Tantric Numerology – How It Can Be Used To Reach Your Higher Self?

by Conscious Reminder

Tantric Numerology is a special kind of numerology that had been brought into the West by Mahan Tantric – Yogi Bhajan. He also brought the concept of Kundalini Yoga to the West.

He preached about Tantric Numerology and showed it to be the way towards reaching the higher self. The teachings of Yogi Bhajan is based on tantric laws and ancient yoga. However, it is quite simple.

In Yogic Numerology, numbers 1-10 are considered. The 1-10 limit is talking about our etheric bodies and the last number, 11, is referred to as the embodiment of the whole etheric bodies and hence, the level of complete mastery. 1-8 refers to our chakras – the 8th being our aura according to Kundalini Yoga.

Each vibration of these specific energy pools is essential for understanding the world all around us.

The workings

The calculation of the number in Tantric Numerology is quite simple – you can come to a numerical result from the date of your birth. There are also calculations where you have to deal with the year you are in and your life cycle.

These are the 5 basic numbers that will describe the relationship with the world around you:

Your core identity is encapsulated by the Soul number.

Your life experiences and its impact on your soul is controlled by the Karma number.

Your talent is represented by the Gift number.

The mastery of your skills and how it is perceived by other people are held in the Destiny number.

Finally, the path number shows you the purpose of your life and molds you into a person who can achieve their goals.

Once you understand these numbers, you will be set on the right path of destiny.

The knowledge these numbers carry

Each of these numbers carry a special knowledge. You have to allow fate and destiny to assist you in understanding the numbers and the knowledge they carry. These numbers represent different qualities and help you relate to your personal self.

It will help you find who you are. You can even use these numbers to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. You just have to meditate and practice yoga to engage your 10 etheric bodies and the 8 energy pools of the chakra system.


You have to go through step-wise analyses to understand these numbers properly. First, you have the soul number. If you feel like you are still not prepared to deal with this number, then maybe it’s time to do some yoga and make some changes in your life to raise your vibrations to that level.

The Karma number can help you choose the right kind of work for you. Soul number helps you connect with your chakras and your mind. The Path number will help you transform, so use it in the right way by engaging your chakras.

The Gift number will help you use your talent to its fullest potential. Finally, the Destiny number is all about perceiving and understanding what others feel about you. It’s about perceiving the world in a different way.

How are they different from other signs?

Tantric numerology complements astrology – both these systems assist you to understand the world around you and uses archetypes to give you an insight into the world.

These archetypes will help you engage with other people and be used as reference points. According to Tantric numerology, these all have an energetic vibration. Once you connect with it, you can reach your higher self.

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