Tartaria – Human History is Wrong

Part 1

Tartaria – Human History is Wrong – PART 1 – Athena Swaruu

Let’s get into the subject of Tartaria, artificially destroyed civilization. Also, we’ll talk about terrestrial history and how the chronology of “historical” events doesn’t fit.

Part 2

Human History Lies – Part 2 – Travelling Back in Time is Not as You Think – Athena Swaruu (X)

In this part you will understand more about why the Federation does not have records of all the historical events on Earth, what happened when Athena Swaruu and her mother traveled to Scotland, and why official Earth history lies.

Part 3

History – Romans and Renaissance At the Same Time – Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia) Explains What Happened

We are going for the third part of the series on History and in this part Yazhi explains what happened when Athena and her mother visited Hadrian’s wall and at the same time saw the Renaissance in France. What is this phenomenon due to?

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