Teatime visitor

An unexpected visit from my favourite master brought a surprise in that there was a light being who came with him. Three visits before the special newcomer …


Yes I know, this is a re upload. I’m feeling very confused at the moment having been indoors for so many years without much outside communication, I’m becoming institutionalised. However, it must be a good thing somehow as I’m spending time on this particular aspect of my creativity. I’m trying to manifest someone to help me to expand, my knowledge is very limited.

I am also taking a sabbatical (nice word!) for a while to get back my energies. So much has been happening of late that this little old elderly body is exhausted. It would be much easier just to go home!!

that out of the way, I am sending the teatime visitor again as I’m sure that it will have a message for someone.  Some of my videos do seem to be rather ‘ in the shadows’ waiting for lightworkers to recognise their value – I ask myself why do I create these as they are very ordinary chats, but I know that the words are important (we must all speak up with our truth to more people!) as they carry light codes and because the experiences are real and not  just theory they will have the extra light with them that has transmuted the everyday into the sublime!  ahah, inspiration speaks!  so here it is once again – enjoy!

Here is a lovely English Church of England in a country setting.

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