Technique To Clear Energetic Blockages / Interferences

For those that have felt interferences and feeling blocked in connections with guides you may feel better connecting only to your higher self right now.

Technique that has been working for me and others: 

Stay within your own energy fields, don’t astral project or go out. While in your field put intent/visualize bringing in our yellow sun energy, Yahyel pink star energy, Antarian green star energy, and Arcturian star orange energy down through the upper chakras down into the crown chakra and all the way through to ground cord, out the soles of feet, and down into the crystal core of Gaia. Then cycle the energy back up and instead of going into the soles of feet, go straight into the kundalini tube and connect to Source so it completes the cycle.

Repeat this process again, but when you bring the energy back up from the core… this time go through the soles of the feet and up through the chakras and ALSO through the kundalini again. Then put your focus on/in the center of your being and push the energies out in all directions, through the auric field with the intent that anything and everything that isn’t for your highest good and isn’t of the highest vibration of love and light be pushed out. Push all the way past the auric field and then explode the energies from there.

Repeat this process as many times a day as needed. After you do the process if you intuitively feel you should reach out to your guides feel free to, you may be able to make the connection from there. For me I’m meant to only connect to higher self at the moment, something funky going on with the other connections.

With Love,


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