Technique To Jump To Your Highest Timeline

There is a timeline jumping/shifting technique I have been using for a while that I was guided to share at this time. It’s a fairly simple technique, but done consistently myself and others have benefited from the method and noticed a difference.

First get yourself grounded, centered, and in a meditative state. Then move into your heart space. For me I ask Jesus to assist with this process and call him in at this point. You can call in your higher self, an ascended master, archangel, guides, God/Source, or whoever/however you want to do it and it will still work. From the heart space you can visualize a bunch of streams of energies representing timelines. I generally see a lot of golden cable looking streams of energy. If you can’t visualize or see, then just use intention and try to feel. Notice the stream of the energy (timeline) you are currently on. From there look upwards. Then with intention/visualization see the timeline that is a very bright white/rainbow light (or however you wish to see it) at the VERY TOP. Then put your intention on moving to that top one and jump up to it. I generally see myself kind of landing on a platform when I get up to it. When you get up to that timeline turn around so you are looking at what you are dragging behind you. Essentially what you are dragging, is what you need to let go of to remain on that top timeline for you. Ask for assistance with letting go/dissolving/healing/transmuting whatever you need to, to remain on that timeline. Sometimes you will know exactly what it is… like a thought pattern, cords, attachments, relationship, fear, perception, past life, or whatever else, and other times you won’t. Just ask for the assistance and hold the intention to release and heal.

Once you complete that step you should feel MUCH LIGHTER. If you do not feel lighter or feel that anything was done, then try repeating the last part and working on that until you do. When complete, turn back around so you are facing this new path/timeline. See your feet moving on it and traveling forward. You can do this process in the morning and evening every day or whenever you are guided to do it. We jump around timelines so much at this point that the more you can do it the better results you should have. Some days there is only a couple timelines above where I am and other days I can move up a lot.

Good luck & happy jumping!

Love & Light



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