The 5 Most Common Blocks To Love (& How To Dissolve Them)

Blocks To Love And How To Dissolve Them Awakening

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The 5 Most Common Blocks To Real Love (& How To Dissolve Them)


Feeling deeply connected to Universal Unconditional Love is one of the awakening journeys greatest gifts. There are many accounts of enlightened gurus who have experienced a level of unconditional love and connectedness that we cannot yet fathom, that is, until we have uprooted all of our blocks to love. Awakening begins a process of uncovering and acknowledging all of the walls that we have created in order to keep love out (and its WAY more common than you’d think!)


What Is Love?

Lets start simply by addressing, ‘what is love?’ The dictionary lists its definition as,

Love – noun

An intense feeling of deep affection.

But this very mundane description of a such miraculous force doesn’t quite cover it, does it? Every soul – no matter who they are – deep down in their core, just wants to be loved. Love is such a powerful force of sustenance that at times its absence can threaten our survival. New born babies cannot survive without love. Remove a life long spouse from an elderly partnership and they can die of a broken heart. Many of us become obsessed in our relentless searching for this holy grail, willingly devoting most of our lives to pursuing it if we must.

So if we all desire and require this wonderful, life affirming energy, why do we shield ourselves from it by resisting the very thing that we crave the most? More puzzling still, is that many of us may even be blocking love without consciously realizing it.


Why Do We Block Ourselves From Love?

We block ourselves from love because we’ve been hurt, and we’re attempting (consciously or unconsciously) to protect ourselves against ever being hurt that way again.

Love becomes the enemy, the reason for our pain, the cause of our raw vulnerability, and so, we cast it out, push it away or numb ourselves to it – often without any real awareness that we’re doing it. From this place you might find the most wonderful, compatible, joyful love in your world, but if you are full of barriers and protection mechanisms, you wont be able to ALLOW yourself to be loved. In a desperate attempt to protect yourself, you might be completely unaware that you project onto it, sabotage it or run from it – and these programs can play out in a myriad of ways. Pain and vulnerability can cause our psyche to construct all sorts of behaviours and techniques to ensure we will never be hurt again – and most often, its entirely without our awareness or knowledge.


Awakening Can TRANSFORM Our Hearts!

The real transformative power resulting from awakening is that of awareness, and in bringing awareness into our hearts and observing, non judgmentally, the walls that exist there, we can be liberated from the shackles of self imposed neglect and instead, not only accept real love in our hearts, but become enabled to to effortlessly emanate a higher vibrational love force from our heart chakras; to uplift, heal and comfort the wounded hearts around us (which, FYI, is EXACTLY what we came here to do in this lifetime!)

We need to stop fighting love in order to attain it. We need to become aware of these barriers within ourselves, but its not easy. Often there are blocks within our systems that shut love out and cut us off, keeping us trapped inside.

Are you ready to discover your own personal blocks to love? Lets take a look!


Past Hurt (and the fear that it will reoccur)

Our earliest relationships are with our parents, and any emotional distress or hurt incurred in childhood stays with us, urging us to avoid any possible situation where the initial damage could happen again. Further still, severed friendships and broken heart relationships in our adult life that inflict hurt or pain will be handled by the system in much the same way – by screaming, AVOID. AVOID. AVOID!

TIP: We need to learn to listen to this alarm bell, see past our fears that these experiences will happen again and reassure the broken part of ourselves which is desperately seeking to avoid harm. Watch out for feelings and thoughts that say ‘he’s just like my father,’ or ‘she’s just like my mother,’ as these are often indicators that we are projecting our previous pain onto our loved ones, which only serves to warp our viewpoint and actively create the patterns we wish to avoid.


Past Life Broken Heart/ Betrayal

Many spiritually minded folks like us can actually recall our past life traumas on some level (whether consciously or unconsciously) and that can create a massive problem. Our past life love relationships have often been epic, and may have ended in tragedy. Sometimes, the loss of a loved one (most often through a death in tragic or devastating circumstances) is so unbelievably painful that we decide to never love again. The problem with this is that the pain from the event carried by the soul becomes a repellent, energetically forcing love away in fears that we’ll lose our greatest love all over again, and never get over it. It’s understandable, because we never truly did get over it.

TIP: In order to move forward, its not necessary to consciously recall the past life in question (although, you might) but much like a widow needs grief counselling, the spirit needs healing and resolution on the soul level to overcome this and release the fears of the past (we have some powerful energy healing resources for that, which I’ll share at the end of the article).


Oaths Or Vows

Oaths and vows are the most commonly overlooked block to moving forward in any sphere of your life, and I often see these vows made during a particularly painful relationship break up. In a moment of distress, we swear to ourselves things like, ‘I’ll NEVER fall in love again’ or ‘I’ll NEVER trust anyone ever again!’ and these vows pack an energetic punch. They make such a statement that they imprint on the soul and literally change our point of attraction, actively blocking us from ever being in loving relationships again.

TIP: Cancelling old oaths and vows requires an experienced energy healer, capable of working on all four levels of the soul. You can visit an energy healer experienced in this area, or I can do the energy healing for you in some of our resources listed below.


Negative Beliefs

Negative beliefs are created in childhood (although they often stem from past lives and continue with us until we heal and transcend them). We made decisions about the world and ourselves based on how we perceived our experiences e.g ‘I’m unlovable’, ‘I’m unworthy’ ,’I don’t deserve love’, or ‘Everyone leaves me’. Unfortunately, despite the fact that they FEEL true, often our perceptions are wrong, and are in line with the age or mindset we were in when the experience occurred. In a sense, every time we repeat these beliefs to ourselves, we are allowing past versions of ourselves who are at their most isolated and hurt, dictate our mindset (and it commonly triggers the associated emotions too e.g shame, sadness, anger etc.)

TIP: Instantly created, yet challenging to wrestle free from, these beliefs must be questioned and released as a part of the awakening process in order to liberate our minds from these limiting false cell bars. Commit to bringing more awareness to how you are talking to yourself and the content of what it is you are actually saying. Aim to catch yourself before these statements are said, or, if its already too late, say aloud, ‘I send this up for transmutation and healing’.


Lack Of Self-Love

As light workers or spiritually minded people, we are so quick to lend someone in need an understanding ear, and our compassion and kindness, yet we neglect ourselves with punitive and judgmental attitudes. This lack of self-care and harshness toward ourselves while we exude loving kindness to those around us, only serves to create an imbalance in the heart. It is impossible for us to really emanate the loving energy we wish to share with others when we are restricting and depriving ourselves.

This is a tough lesson on the pathway to ascension, and many fail to reach the heights they aim for simply for the lack of extending themselves the same courtesy they so graciously give to others. How many enlightened gurus have you admired throughout history that beam unconditional love and light to lead those around them, then emotionally berate or neglect themselves afterwards? Would you trust in, or follow a spiritual leader who behaved this way? This dichotomy is a sign that something is off balance within your system and requiring healing.

TIP: Instead, speak to yourself the way you would a child. Comfort yourself the way you would a friend in need. Nurture yourself like a loving parent would. Then and only then will you be able to fully radiate the divine love from your heart that so desperately wants to be expressed, helping those around you, and making you feel loved, happy and fulfilled in the process.



How Can I Heal My Blocks To Love?

Energy Healing Is The Key To Heart Healing

The key isn’t always to endlessly chase love (which will be an elusive thing if your point of attraction is full of shielding and resistance anyway) but its about being READY for love. Being OPEN to love. Being WILLING to accept that love into your heart with a certainty that you deserve it. In order to do that, we need to dissolve those limiting blocks, but how?

Energy healing really is the key to unblocking the heart and accepting true love – particularly for those of us going through awakening because, not only is channeling divine love and light a vital part of our purpose, but most of our hang ups about love have actually originated in past life time lines, and so, no amount of talk therapy or counselling is going to be able to heal these wounds in the way that we need. In order to heal the heart we need two key things:

  • Past life healing to RESOLVE the traumas that are blocking love out and then
  • Energy activations to AWAKEN the heart chakra and reactivate its energetic core.

Those two aspects combined are the key to really moving forward in open heartedness for spiritual people like us.


How Can I Heal Myself?

You can visit an experienced energy healer to help with this (but be sure that they are addressing both of the aspects listed above for a fully comprehensive healing) or alternatively, check out some of our new resources below that specifically address the issues we’ve covered in this article.


Want Some Help With That?

We have some all new resources to help…


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What Is It?

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