The Cauldron Keepers

**Friday Nov 12 Energy Reading and affirmation: **
The Cauldron Keepers
– “The cauldron is stirring me wild. All is coming. All is here. And so it is”
– Say: “I am honest with myself and others, and I attract great honesty, integrity, and support from the universe.” Sandra Anne Taylor
– Say: “I am responsible for my own life. I take action towards my goals and my own happiness everyday.” Sandra Anne Taylor
– Say: “I determine my own destiny. I take financial action and am receiving wonderful assistance from those around me.” Sandra Anne Taylor
– Say: “ I am now able to fully embrace all the wonderful experiences my life has to offer with joy, ease, and love.” Inna Segal
– Say: “Divine Healing Intelligence, please release all pain, stress and tiredness and infuse my body with healing, rejuvenating, revitalizing energy.” Inna Segal
– Say: “Divine Love, I rejoice in the wonder of nature. Every time I focus on the greenery around me, I feel calm, perfect balance, and harmony.” Inna Segal
The Cauldron keepers brew their magick, manifesting the greatest good for all in our worlds. They open the bridge from the other world. They see through the lens of Divine truth, guiding us with the dream medicine, and challenge us through our emotional defeats. Trust and allow the soothing venture of flowing intuition. It may sting a little in the beginning, but push through and you will see your gifts have been naturally flourishing in this physical world. All will be well when actions are taken. Meet success with that breathe of life, the easing of pain with the calm of your perfect garden.
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