The cosmic celebration! Victory and holding the light

The cosmic celebration! Victory and holding the light

Uploaded by Metaphysical Mike on 2020-01-03.

About the author: Metaphysical Mike

My name is Mike and I help people create joy, peace of mind and take their manifestations to the next level. My mission is to get people out of the attic of their own mind and into the living room of their soul. Do yourself a favor from this day forward, Don't just believe. Believe beyond boundaries.

I offer Mindset Manifestation Coaching over the phone and skype sessions as well as Spiritual Coaching. I also offer energy healing over the phone and through Skype sessions.

I also have created a series of custom meditations and a spiritual clothing line infused with energy healing

Additional information Metaphysical Mike is an author, intuitive healer, psychic, poet, and spiritual path life coach. His first book, The Metaphysical Mike Manifestation Journal, centers on the themes of gratitude and manifestation. Mike is on a mission to transform public consciousness and help people attract more love, joy, peace, and abundance every day. He has imbued his first self-help work with 50 different affirmations designed to empower his readers to become magnetic to abundance, miracles, and golden opportunities. A student of the law of attraction, manifestation methods, astrology, energy updates for the collective and spiritual, and a writer of poetry infused with energy healing frequencies, Mike’s aim is to help readers reconnect with their original divine blueprint and drastically improve their lives. Mike also has an online store with custom apparel for sale, as well as over 29 guided meditations to help the collective consciousness transcend to a higher state of being.