The DF & DM Journey’s

The Divine Feminine And The Divine Masculine Journey: Evolving Into  Your Higherself


I am writing about the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in the same blog to make sure people get to read about both journey’s. If I wrote about them in separate blogs they might miss the connection and not have read one of them. The Divine Feminine will be DF and Divine Masculine will be DM for this blog. We all, no matter what gender we are, have the DF and the DM energy inside of us.


Kundalini is a Hindu term that is known as a kundalini awakening when you start to receive kundalini energy which is divine energy to your root chakra, way before Hinduism kundalini was known in ancient eastern religions. In Christanity this is known as having received the Holy Spirit which is divine energy also. Wether kundalini or the Holy Spirit the are the same energy just told in different religions and regions.


When you begin your journey to awakening you receive this divine energy in your root chakra and you have begun your DF journey. The DF journey takes a lot longer than the DM journey as it is focused on healing your victim consciousness and taking your power back. To complete the DF journey the divine energy has to go through all your major chakras root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. You can’t finish the DF journey and proceed to the DM journey until you have taken your power back. Victims cannot go on the healing of the DM journey. You have to see through your victim consciousness to proceed any further. Not many people make it to the DM journey less than 1% heal the DF and see through the illusion of victim consciousness to take their power back. Victim consciousness is a comfortable place to be for many as they think all problems are and everything comes from outside themselves and there is nothing wrong with them, it is everybody else around them. As long as you think anything outside yourself can harm you and you have no control over it and can do nothing about it, You are a victim.


One common sign of being trapped in victim consciousness is believing that you are a victim of psychic attacks. I believed this very thing for 3 years. I told myself I was such a big bad ass lightworker that I was a threat to the dark and constantly stalked and attacked by demons, entities, reptilians, archons, and draconians. I even wrote blogs about it and had many followers, way more followers than I do now, because I was feeding into others victims consciousnesses with what I wrote.  


Then one day I sat down and clearly and logically thought this out. The whole demon and entity thing did not make sense. Why would God/The Source put me on Earth to forever be attacked and targeted by the Dark and be a victim. No matter how many entities and demons I sent to the light (and I thought I sent many) I was never going to run out. There would always be an endless supply and the Divine didn’t put me here be a targeted victim of the dark. Psychic attacks are very painful to those that can feel energy and I am a lightworker that feels energy intensity. I then really put some time and energy into figuring it out and started to do tarot spreads and pendulum readings on where this dark energy attacking me was coming from. The answer surprised me. It came from me. Not outside of me but from inside of me. 


You receive divine energy from the divine to help you through your journey. This energy purges your lighbody of low vibe or dead energy that has accumulated before your awakening. When you are sensitive to energy and can feel it when it hits you while you are in the DF journey, it can be extremely painful and feel like you are being attacked. What it really is your dead low vibe energy being purged from your lightbody but since you view everything through that victim consciousness illusion on your third eye you view it as coming from outside yourself and that you are being attacked from something outside of you. You aren’t being attacked you are purging when divine energy is coming to you. That is why it stops and starts. You only feel the “attacks” when divine energy is coming to you and when it stops the “attack” stops. 


So while yes you are a big bad ass lightworker, you aren’t being stalked and attacked by the dark. The “attacks” are coming from you and are part of the awakening healing process of the divine feminine journey. As soon as you see through this victim consciousness illusion, like I did two Decembers ago, the attacks stop. They stop because you have seen through the victim consciousness illusion, taken your power back, and healed the DF journey. You then move out of the 7 major chakras and move into the beginning of the higher chakras. If you don’t see through the victim consciousness illusion you don’t move any further on your journey and stay stuck. You have to have that shift in consciousness and take your power back. Victims don’t make it to their Higher Self. They stay a victim forever. If you have taken your power back you have finished the DF journey and get to move on to the DM journey. 


The DM journey is the awakening and healing of the higher chakras. These higher chakras are located directly behind the major chakras on your spine and back of your head. These chakras are: the earthstar chakra behind the sacral chakra, the zealpoint chakra behind the solar plexus chakra, the highheart chakra behind the heart chakra, the God’s mouth chakra behind the throat chakra, and the soulstar chakra behind the third eye chakra. The names can vary but the location of these chakras doesn’t change. The root and crown stay the same like the north and south pole and the chakras create and orbit around your body that energy flows through once they are all awakened and  opened. This is known as the Microcosmic orbit in Qigong. 


There are 3 levels of consciousness in the DM journey and only one in The DF journey. The three levels are poverty (lack and loss)  consciousness, manifestation consciousness, and abundance consciousness in that order. Levels of consciousness have to do with your inner work. Your responsible for your inner work. The divine does send you energy to assist you through the journey to your higherself but you have to do your inner work along with it. I hear many people say I will just wait for it to happen naturally in divine timing. Yeah it don’t work that way you actually have to work for it. You have to work very hard to make it to your higherself, it does not just happen naturally with no effort from you. You are evolving to your higherself and evolving is hard work. If you didn’t have to work for it everybody would evolve and everyone doesn’t. Many people give up and chose to stay stuck. I completely understand why because evolving is a difficult and painful process.


Poverty consciousness the first level of consciousness in the DM journey is the illusion on your third eye of only seeing lack and loss in your life. Only seeing what you don’t have and not what you do have. Manifestation consciousness is the removal of any low vibe dead energy keeping you from manifesting. Abundance consciousness is the removal of any low vibe dead energy keeping you from abundance. 


After you have gone through all the levels of consciousness and all your higher chakras are awakening and opened. Yor DF and DM begin to merge into your higherself and you have evolved. 


This is a long difficult process but worth it. This is just a general overview there is a lot more details that I am not writing about right now as it would be a book and not a blog. I just wanted to give you a view of what you are going through. I hope and pray everyone evolves into their higherself and taking your power back is a big step in reaching it. I spent more time on the DF journey because less than 1% make it out of the DF journey and I want people to make it out. I will write more about the DM journey later.





I am a kundalini awakening/Higherself guide and energy healer. Visit soulsisterstruth,com for more information.

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