The Emerald Gift

Weekly Energy and Affirmations: The Emerald Gift
  • ‘Im achieving great things within myself and in the world. I see myself as a success in many wonderful ways even now.’ Sandra Anne Taylor
  • “Divine Love, I rejoice in the wonder of nature. Every time I focus on the greenery around me, I feel calm, perfect balance, and harmony.” Inna Segal
  • ‘Through unconditional love, I now accept the spiritual gifts that are bestowed upon me, with complete trust and gratitude. So be it’ Alana Fairchild
  • ‘I naturally attract a deep soul-nurturing grace through an unconditional trust in the loving spiritual intelligence of the universe.’ Alana Fairchild
As we open our minds and eyes to the fascinations of the world around us; be curious and cautious with our investigations to new solutions that abide and linger. Along with our new beginnings abundance will show itself in a variety of ways; some do help and some do hinder.
Be prepared to protect life and make decisions that further evolve the generations to come. Celebrate the sacred in all; Listen. Watch. Learn. What ever is going on around you, remember that the peaceful surrender can often be your biggest victory of all to be worn.
The Emerald rays and the lavenders are here to calm your fears and give permission to release frustrations. Take a deep breathe of the fresh air to assist the mend of your broken heart and increase your self esteem to endeavour the all calming mind, body and soul.
Here to answer the unspoken prayer that was dancing in your heart. Help is coming; say yes and act your part. The Emerald Gift is heaven sent to you this day. Its energy captures and releases you in every way.
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