The Fall of the 13

My fellow travelers and weary wandering souls,

Namaste. It has been a long, hard journey, but I am convinced that if we keep putting one foot in front of the other, we will get to where we are headed to. God made a bright light to rule the day, and a lesser light to rule the night. (Gen 1:16) When the light at night is bright, it shines down through the trees, casting beams of silver light down upon the forest floor. The moonlight casts shadows differently than Solaris, Vivasvat, which makes the forest that you know by day almost unrecognizable and the nighttime forest seem like a different world altogether. Some like to use the anonymity and cover of night to commit deeds that they otherwise wouldn’t, like during the light of day. Along the way we find people who are headed in the same direction. Sometimes it seems like our paths only crossed for a moment in time. Likeminded souls band together to take refuge through the dark night in the safety that lies with larger numbers. They become 12. Then one more comes along and joins the group and things begin to change. You wouldn’t dare say he’s good, but you can’t really say that he’s evil either. Most say he’s funny. He knows all of the best nighttime stops along the way where you can meet people, find entertainment, mind-altering substances, romance, and much more. He is 13.
Those who can discern the message behind numbers, have learned from experience to avoid this one. It usually comes at a time when things are good, and seems to serve as a sign of bad things to come, like black cats and broken mirrors. You may remember how great 11:11 was and wish you could go back. You may love how perfect 12 feels and wish you could just stay right there, but you can only go forward and the only way to make it to 14, is safely through 13.
Some wear this number on their sleeves, like a badge of honor. This is usually those who resonate with darkness, misfortune, and tragedy, and those who have ever stood trial, and won. The former can feel the message behind numbers also, and they willfully choose the darker side of things, until they actually get what they ask for. The latter of those two, has felt, first-hand, the crucifixion that occurs in a courtroom when you are accused of something that you didn’t do. Some of those defendants, during one of the more boring times during the process, have counted the number of people in the courtroom who are on their side and realized that 12 jurors, 1 alternate juror (in case someone gets sick), and a half-assed chance are the only chance they have in the whole courtroom. So you may see them tattooed with not a “13,” but a “131/2,” which you can have done for little or no money at almost any tattoo shop on any Friday the 13th.
Well, Jesus and his 12 disciples made 13 altogether, and that turned out okay. Right? Well, you could say that Judas Iscariot, the one who handed Jesus over for 30 pieces of silver, was one disciple too many. Then again you could say that Mary Magdalene was the 13th disciple. After all, she does have her own recorded gospel, like Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Some, however, would be willing to wager that she probably had something to do with his downfall. Jesus was from the tribe of Judah, which was one of the twelve tribes of Israel, but now, there are actually rumored to be thirteen of them. Jacob had 13 sons. For another example, the age at which a Jewish boy is considered a young man and is from then on expected to follow Jewish law, is 13.
The number 13 shows up in a lot of horror movies and symbology. I’m sure that you have seen an image of an eagle clutching onto a talon full of arrows and an olive branch. Did you know that there are 13 arrows? Also, there are thirteen leaves on the olive branch. There are thirteen stars above it’s head and thirteen stripes on the banner draped down across its chest, seven white, six red, like the American flag, seven red, six white. The rebel, or confederate flag also has thirteen stars on it.
The 12 step program is a great method used by addicts in recovery. In reality, though, nothing stops moving forward. The Universe is perpetual and cyclical, so the thirteenth step would be the threat of relapse, remorse, and rehabilitation, all over again. There is also a possibility that when this unfortunate thing is impending, lurking around, looking for a way to manifest, the targeted person would be seeing several 13’s popping up all around them. It is their spirit guides trying to warn them of the upcoming possibility of failure. I imagine that there are many highly sensitive empaths that seem to get stuck in this cycle, using things to cope with being different, highly sensitive, alone, anxious, or depressed. It seems like almost all of the most talented artists and entertainers have a substance abuse addiction problem. The inside of a brilliant mind can be a scary and chaotic place. It could also be quite boring. Either way, people seem to want to get out of their normal mind and see things from a different perspective, release their inhibitions, feel no pain, or whatever the case may be. There are some drugs that connect us with our spiritual selves and there are some that separate us from it. Anything should, of course, be done in moderation, but the latter wouldn’t be the choice of the awakened being altogether.
Some people’s 13 is ill-gotten gains. The desire to acquire things is within us all. We have to constantly acquire new things in order to live and/or live comfortably in this world, however we should not benefit where we have not contributed, and most certainly should not benefit from another’s misfortune, or at another’s expense. Otherwise, this is greed and theft. Some people have a serious compulsion to do these things. When fulfilled, it leads to a high, a crash, more to carry, and usually, karmically, losing twice what was gained. I’ve met some people who don’t even pick up money that is laying on the ground, and some who can’t buy things that are on sale, especially on Black Friday. Anyone who could show such inconsideration and disregard for another’s feelings, I would hesitate to call an empath.
Another 13 could be the propensity to commit acts of violence, whether it be to dominate, defend, or just looking for a good time. It is difficult to find a true empath who will lie, even more rare to find an empath who will steal, and pretty much impossible to find an empath who is violent, a real empath, not a vibrationally-sensitive sociopath.
I believe that the most common 13 is sex. Even a mendicant, who has risen above every desire in their spirit and mind, will occasionally feel their physical presence urging them to seek sexual gratification. Anyone who is truly called to lead people to the divine, resonates with the frequency of love. This kind of person is usually kind and caring, trusting and naive. Pure selfless, unconditional, and benevolent love is a high vibrational, bright-green energy. Children also have a naturally high vibrational frequency, until they grow up and accumulate negativity and density, especially girls. The love frequency energy that girls can radiate, with their innate need to nurture, has the same signature as nature and most importantly, the being known as God, the Conscious Center of The Universe. This doesn’t mean that boys can’t love, but the alpha, the conqueror, is developing within them. Girls like baby dolls and stuffed animals. This is a good outlet for their energy and gives them something to nurture and practice being a mother with. Boys would rather have action figures. Like I said, alpha, conqueror. So when you have a man who is not allowed to indulge in normal and regular sexual intercourse, and also resonates with the same frequency as children, his 13 is inevitably sexual child abuse.
Not that this is the only recipe for that disaster, though. If someone’s body chemistry or spirit guides are trying to encourage that person to procreate, the very sight of a cute kid could prompt that person’s procreative processes to initialize. They may mistake the arousal for an attraction to children.
For another example, and this one could be considered to be a little out there, I believe that the original Watchers are still down here incarnating, forced to live in the world that they created. Since The Flood destroyed everyone’s chance of incarnating into a body with real, serious abilities, they would just be something like an empath. The Bible says that the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were fair and decided to take them as wives and have children. If you are immortal, or have the ability to live for a long time and you want to have a long-lasting love relationship with a mortal, it would naturally behoove you to take her at an early age. Then, you could be with her for as long as possible, as she grows up, grows old, and dies in your arms, forcing you to either live alone, or choose another, at a young age, again. If any of them are really still walking the Earth, and I believe that they are, this sentiment could be cultivated deeply within their souls, and fostered by thousands of years of living in societies where sexual activities with children were not illegal, not even considered unethical, only taboo, until relatively recently.
From watching my peers grow up along side of me and knowing the details of some of their lives, from watching those younger than me come up behind my peer group and seeing how they turned out, and from even knowing the histories of some that were older than myself, I recognized a pattern and developed a theory long ago. Of all women, they say, 1 out of 5 is sexually abused. Some come to terms with it, or may even come to enjoy it, and those usually end up with a low self-worth and are not picky about who or how many people they have sex with. Others are traumatized by it and can not have a normal healthy sexual relationship, especially with a man. Most of them become lesbian. Of course that theory is way too general and does not make a note of all the noteworthy exceptions, but it still rings pretty true. Either way, you don’t want to be co-creating the kind of world where women sleep around, or resent men. Also, you don’t want to confuse little boys about the nature of sex, or cause them to karmically pay something forward that is not good for the world in general, so it’s best to allow children to remain children for as long as they will and experience sex for the first time in a normal and healthy way, preferably after they have learned most of what they need to know about life, because once a person has been opened up to the sexual experience, they seem to begin to lose their fascination with the little things as their mind becomes more preoccupied with their new obsession. Most of what they learn from there on will be courtship and relationship savoir-faire, or just meeting that need, in general.
Aside from that, most starseeds generally only cross paths with other starseeds. These boil down to two categories, as far as I’m concerned, empath and sociopath. You wouldn’t want to negatively affect one of your own, and it’s not acceptable by either side to go off violating the other side, either. The good ones from the light side usually don’t want that kind of inappropriate relationship. The children from the darker side of things would love to have an inappropriate relationship with an adult. I’ve seen them extort and blackmail naive and weak-willed adults. I’ve also seen the kinds of narcissists who like to play the victim. They would relish the opportunity to discredit a good man and slaughter his reputation while being seen as the victim, strong and slightly more adult for having been through such a thing.
As for the others, non-starseeds, they are not NPC’s (non-player characters). These are the people whose souls we are supposed to be guiding toward the light. Well, let’s say that the mass awakening picks up, exponentially. Starseeds will be at the forefront and the ones who still don’t seem to know what we are talking about, will see starseeds in the media, out and about, and even in their own communities and will want to be like either this kind or that kind. This could create a division. We would all want to represent where we are from to the best of our abilities.
AOL, America On Line, launched in the mid-nineties. Within a few years, 75% of the information that millions of households now had access to, was pornography. There wouldn’t have been so much available if it was not so popular. Nikola Tesla, the master of energy, was asexual. He chose not to indulge in sex, because he believed that a lot of good energy is wasted having sex, most of all masturbating. I agree wholeheartedly and do my best to abstain also, because I believe that this is the biggest contributing factor to the collective low vibrational frequency of the world.
When you acknowledge a possibility and it rings true, it opens up a web of connected possibilities. Synchronicities can confirm this. When you see a black cat, don’t think of it as bad luck. It’s just too much yin. The cat is a feminine energy, yin. Black represents yin. If the cat is also female, that’s far too much yin, unless you’re having a manic episode. In which case, maybe you should go pet it. The number 13 seems to have that kind of energy, abysmal darkness, a portal through which dark things can come and act in the physical. However, nothing can come to you except by karma and your own attraction, so understanding why those dark things are there is half of overcoming the obstacles that they can present.
The moon does not project light, a positive, male, yang action like that of the sun, but instead reflects it which is a mixed yin\yang action, but the moon’s energy feels feminine. It is the light of the dark, and has a cycle that restarts every 28 days like that of a woman’s menstruation. This being said, a full Lunar Year, all four seasons, is 13 of those cycles.
Speaking of seasons, we have passed the Autumn Equinox and the days are seeming noticeably shorter. This lack of sunlight will progress all the way to Christmas, the Winter Solstice, when the days will not get longer or shorter for three days. On the third day, the Sun will seem to rise in latitude 1 degree. For this reason, the legends say that 1 star led 3 wise men (another 13) to where the Sun died and rose on the third day. In this technical 13, the one star is Sirius, and the Three Wise Men are the Three Kings of the belt of Orion. When these four stars lined up and pointed to the spot on the horizon where the sun was to rise after the Winter Solstice, a Virgo was said to have given birth to the embodiment of God’s energy. This is the way that they found:
and many more.
If The Perennial Philosophy is correct, then it was the same being incarnating within and growing up in different cultures and then giving them a teaching that was basically the same every time but relevant to their culture during that time. If he was Pleiadian, like I believe he was, then the 13, the four stars, that followed his existence was difficult to shake, got him killed, and is another testament to Pleiadians being sought after by Sirians with intentions that may not align with the best interests of the pursued.
About the lack of sunlight, you may feel your morale dipping down a little lower. You may lose interest in the things that used to excite you. You may sleep more and do less. Most people fall into a depressive state around the holidays and this is a contributing factor. You can abide by the Zodiac and positions of celestial bodies, without being completely at their mercy. This rising depressive energy may just be a lower vibrational frequency of energy than you are used to being a conduit for. If you cannot connect with it, you cannot transmute it. It is difficult for two things to affect each other when they are vibrating at different frequencies. A ghost can pass through a wall better than you with your physical form can. It is for this reason, it seems, that Christmas music is usually written in a minor key, meaning that it has a low, serious, creepy kind of sound. Hearing low vibrational frequency sounds and entraining your vibrational frequency with that of the sound, helps you tune into the frequency of depressive energy and go with the flow, or dissolve it away and bring your VF back up to where you feel comfortable. It is more difficult for a ghost to punch a hole through a wall than it is for you, in your physical form.
Based on what I have observed, it’s about “susceptibilities.” When negative energy comes upon you, it starts trying to find its way in like stagnant water on a roof. First, it comes to your spiritual being. If you are susceptible to incorrect feelings, inappropriate feelings, feeling too much. or not being able to feel at all, then this is how it will manifest. If it doesn’t find a way in, then it comes to the mind. If you are susceptible to fallacy, negative thoughts, overthinking, inability to think, or confusion/misguidance, then this is how it will manifest. If it doesn’t find a way in, then it comes to the physical aspect of your being. If you are susceptible to underactivity (tiredness/laziness), overactivity (restlessness/anxiety), clumsiness and lack of motor skills, or improper function of the body (illness), then this is how it will manifest. If not, then you are mindful, aware, and you have firm intentions to be as flawless as you can. The same Mindfulness and Concentration that The Buddha spoke of, is the answer. It creates the bubble/force field that no sociopath/narcissist (s/n) can easily pervade. Lao Tzu says that the best defense against negative influence is to live and have lived a virtuous life. This anchors your light to the physical realm, which has a solidarity that is difficult to break through by a person who is trying to affect your state of being from the mental or spiritual realm (ghost/fist/wall). So, in The Teachings of the Buddha, find every lesson where he spoke about mindfulness and concentration and put it into practice as best you can. Also, find out what the Five Aggregates Subject to Clinging are. Equip yourselves with knowledge, light warriors. You see the world changing. We must pass safely through 13 and carry on.
Love and Light,

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