The Fiery Goddess – an Activation for the Divine Feminine

About the author: Sunlight Dances On Water
I am an angelic, a starseed, a quiet divine feminine. I'm a little at odds with this mad world that we live in, though I love it's creatures and natural spaces. I am happiest when I feel close to God/Source. I'm a bit clairvoyant, a bit more clairaudient, and a whole lot just seems to depend on how spirit choses to reach me at any given time. I am an energy worker, a creator, a healer and a warrior against the dark forces that trouble the Earth. I work with the archangels, ascended masters and the galactic tribes of light. It has always been my belief that in order to heal the planet, we must heal the people...or at least assist them in healing themselves. I began my path to spirit as a teenager and have spent my life trying to understand and heal myself so I could be of some use to the world, it's been quite a journey - within...I am an empath after all 🙂 - and so I ask, 'How many layers can an onion possibly have?'