The Fool’s Faith

Energy and Affirmation reading: The Fool’s Faith

  • Say, “With every breath I take, my faith in myself and the Divine is renewed. I am ready to receive the highest love and abundance from the universe.” Inna Segal
  • My heart light is unmasked from shame, fear and doubt. Those that seek to torment me are unequivocally uninvited now. I bow only before divine truth, light and love. All else is summarily dismissed.” Alana Fairchild
  • When you are ready, Say, “I give the true divine beloved permission to guide me into the fulfillment of my sacred gifts, talents and destiny. May all that was originally intended for me be released into being and protected through divine protection, grace and my own free will. So Be It.” Alana Fairchild

Bring Lilac with you into the healing of faith for your intuitional soul balance. Follow your dream seeds and be audacious in your adventures. Seek wisdom in the weeds. The ‘all gifted’, Pandora, lives within each one of us; yearning to concur chaos, evil and darkness. Surrender your misplaced guilt from the past terrible happenings and let go of your shame-based beliefs in torment. As pandora is the leader of your soul’s revolution; dare to disobey everything and anything that is not divine. Ground your attention to the here and now. Follow the Raven’s Ritual through the anguish that seemingly flows through a not-so-sweet release. Follow into the Fool’s Faith.

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