The Function And Role Of The Seventh Chakra In Our Energetic Field

by Conscious Reminder

The Seventh Chakra, or also called the Crown Chakra, has many different names, such as:

  • Sahasrara – the place where Kundalini and Siva unite;
  • Pure consciousness;
  • Pure intuition and knowingness;
  • Thousand-Petaled Lotus;
  • Wisdom Chakra.

In fact, this chakra has the function to influence our pineal gland, which is referred to as the “Seat of the Soul.” Moreover, it is the tie we have with our Universe.

In this chakra, our soul also becomes attuned to its source, and becomes one with one, or one with the whole, experiencing the bliss, harmony, and love. When every type of energy is in balance or raised to this chakra, there is going to happen the so-called unconditional enlightenment.

When we control our Crown Chakra, dual consciousness is going to happen as well. It is going to permit free energies into the super-physical places and get back to the normal consciousness, without taking a break. It is also going to enable us to leave our body, in a state of being awake, and then come back to our body without an unusual break.

When we have total control over the Crown Chakra, we are going to be given the powers to transmute energy into matter and vice versa. We may walk on water, appear in various places simultaneously, and produce food using the air. This chakra is said to be the Silver Cord’s attachment, and when we die, this cord will detach from our body. When this chakra functions perfectly united with the rest of the chakras, there will be an insight into the indefinable and non-temporal depth-dimension of existence.

Where it is located: The Crown Chakra is located at our head’s top, and the cerebral cortex.

What does it symbolizes: Humility, divine realization, power, liberation, meditation, sentimentality, transcendence, and thought.

It relates to: The brain, the pituitary gland and pineal gland, and the central nervous system.

Color association: The activator colors are violet or gold, while the antidote is yellow.

Element: The cosmic or universal energy.

Emotion: pleasure or bliss.

Flower essences: Valerian, daffodil, and sunflower.

Essential oils: Rosewood, lavender, and sandalwood.

Gems: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Purple Fluorite, Sugilite, and Diamond.

Herbs: Jasmine, lavender, sarsaparilla, and Gota Kola.

Incense: Lotus, and Gota Kola.

Metal: Gold.

Inner sound: Making no sound, soundless.

Musical instruments: Electronic synthesizers and sounds, and organ.

Personality: Oriented toward the Divine Power – imaginative type.

Planets: Mercury, its intellectual side, and Neptune, its spiritual side.

Emotional problems: Values, trusting life, ethics, courage, humanitarianism, capacity to see larger plans, selflessness, faith, spirituality, inspiration, and devotion.

When the energies of the Seventh Chakra are balanced, those people who experience them are said to be miracle workers, transcending every law of nature, and they are open to their Divine with also having access to sub-conscious and unconscious.

When the energies of this chakra are excessive, the people who experience them are said to be psychotic, manic-depressive, depressed, frustrated, destructive, and they even have common migraine headaches.

When the Seventh Chakra is energy-deficient, the people who experience them are said to be catatonic, not having the ability to make proper decisions, and are not even excited about them.

When this chakra isn’t balanced, the person may experience these diseases: Confusion, depression, boredom, incapacity to learn, sensitivity to sound and light, psychosis, balancing right and left brain hemispheres, etc.

Our pineal gland controls all the cycles in our bodies. The pituitary gland creates the energy movement pattern in our bodies, which helps in providing the authentic balance of energy, which makes us different from one another. Indeed, we are unique creatures.

The fundamental things on our way of self-realization are devotion and discipline.

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