The Jaded Rainbow

Weekly Energy and Affirmation Reading:
The Jaded Rainbow
  • My Soul radiates confidence and creative potency to accomplish my sacred purpose. I heal into joyfulness. Alana Fairchild
  • “I can do this. It’s easy. The universe supports my goals and dreams and manifests them into physical reality.” Inna Segal
  • “Divine Intelligence, please allow me to connect to the fairy kingdom to awaken my vitality, aliveness, and Divinity.” Inna Segal
Sometimes we can get so focused on what we are trying to accomplish that we forget to include ourselves. We disembody and continue our mission to no end as a Jaded rainbow.
It is ok to rest and be just as confident and accomplished as our steady self. Settle with the wave and restore your flowing energy reservoir. Your goals will not cease when you take a beat to breath in renewed light.
Connect to the spirit in nature and commune with yourself. After all, what is true accomplishment if you are not present to receive the benefits of your labour?
Continue to balance your inner peace with the outer accomplishments.
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