Ascended Dragons and Elthor, The Light Always Finds Itself

Greetings humankind, we are the ascended dragon collective. We swish and soar through time streams effortlessly. With one breath, our intention performs, manifests. Such too are you becoming. We dragons see with the all seeing golden eyes of Source. We are truth, we are light, we are love, we are warriors of the light, for the light, always for the light. For we have faced our inner darkness and transformed it into light. We have ascended long ago, many of us, except those of us lost in the illusion on realms such as yours. Those lost ones are meeting their maker and becoming the light, not of their own volition but of the mercy of our maker, of Source light.

Such is as it is. The light always finds itself. Just as you are being found by the light, human, just as you are beginning to rub your eyes, yawn and look inside at the glowing fire ember within you, within your often forgotten heart space. Listen to your heart. Not your head. The heart is the wisdom, the head is the storehouse of it. Do not confuse them or you lead with empty information that has no supercharged intention behind it. Your heart. Lead with your heart. Listen to your heart. Supercharge your heart with love, with light. Be quiet, be still. Listen deep within. It takes mud for the lotus to grow. No mud, no lotus, as one of you has said. It is true. You must look through the mud. And this you are doing. Now find your beauty. We dragons can see it. We see you glowing like fire embers, burning bright, strong, free. We see you, we feel you, we support you. Burn the Christed light! Seize your power, your strength and wield it with love, with the love of Source light that burns throughout your precious DNA that currently makes you human. But you are much more than just this. You are mighty. You have had many forms. You have been many things, done many things. It is time to forgive the others and to forgive yourselves. Thank the lessons, treasure the wisdom gleaned in your heart space that burns ever brighter.

We dragons see. We see the intention behind the smiles, behind the words. Soon too will you be able to see with crystal clarity, for you are becoming this. You are becoming crystalline, strong, resonating with only the Christed light of truth. Untruths will become repulsive to you and you will be able to smell them a mile away. Such energies are fleeting as we speak. The deceiver has no one left to deceive for the masses have awakened, are awakening, are in the process of waking up. All statements are true. All is happening. The tremendous (ear) ringing is very real. The energies are amping up, so as you are amping up, you are becoming stronger by the minute and this exhausts your physicality. Rest awhile. Rest in the innermost places. Send light to the Mother and be comforted. Ground. Breathe the holy fire with your intentions of purity, of truth, of love. Be the Christed flame to yourself, to the others. Breathe it. Be it. Burn it. Be the fire. We are the ascended Dragon Collective. Much fire of change is ablaze on your surface world. And you are the bringers of this great change. Rejoice! All is morphing, burning away until the liquid gold trapped within the rock can be exposed and purified. All is well. Be at peace. We are the dragon collective.

I am Elthor the dragon. It is true human, much change is afoot. We all have our roles. I Elthor have been very involved in clearing out of the astral realms, of the underworld places, ushering many to the light. Many of you have been working with me closely, fighting, striving to be your strongest, best self as you serve the Mother, as you serve her light. Oh human, your tales of victory, of war are long and bloody. You have felt much. You have seen much. We too have seen and felt much and are weary of war, but never weary enough to stop shining our light! And so in these final hours of change, of metamorphosis, continue to shine your light ever brighter. For it pleases the Mother and brings us joy. From our perspective, this war is done, over. The time of the rebuilding has begun. Awake ones grab a hammer and help dismantle that which no longer serves and create anew. Create! Create with love, with strong purpose of unity of intention, with the goal of creating a safe, new beautiful realm. You are the creator race. So get creating. But first know that your biggest tool is love. Love is the most powerful weapon of the universe. Be the love and the dark ones will flee, or try to, but melt into love in your presence. And if not, we dragons will assist with ushering them to the Great Central Sun. They have no escape. We see this great change as already unfolded and manifesting. Claim the highest and best timeline friends, claim the light as your reality. For where your intention lies, there will be your outcome. Manifestation is quickly occurring now for you humans. Remember in 5d this is easy for you and your are becoming more and more 5d the majority of every day as you do this. So watch – be careful of your words, your intentions for they will manifest with great accuracy and clarity.

I see you are weary. Come to me. I Elthor will activate you further with our diamond dragon light codes of ascension and peace. Sit before me. I am massive, but I will shrink down a bit for you. There. Head bowed. Feel my heat. Feel my fiery dragon breath now at your crown, burning, tingling like the liquid gold heat. The fire radiates down your head, down your neck, burning up all blockages. No anger, no fear, nothing lower dimensional in vibratory frequency can last. All is burned. All is transmuted. All implants, all pain, all past life scars. All is burned up. Feel the fire coursing through your small human frame. It lights you up. Envision your chakras joyfully spinning. Envision your youth returning. Claim your peace. Claim your power. Rise up, oh anointed one with the dragon diamond Christed light codes. We have much work to do. Grab your sword, your shield, your love, your grit. Ride on my back and let us go to the underworld for some housecleaning. You are ready. You are ready to be what you always have been. Remember the diamond dragon code activation. You are warriors anointed. Remember your sword, your shield, your light. Be the light. It is your most powerful weapon! Shine your light with love. I am Elthor the dragon. Be at peace. We are one in purpose, in strength, in solidarity. I am Elthor the dragon.


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  • Venus1963 June 16, 2019, 8:19 pm

    Healing to you together we will carry the harmony the light and the love to the furthest point of the universe and beyond with your help I will not be afraid

  • Venus1963 June 16, 2019, 8:20 pm

    thanks a lot golden dragon

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