The Moments Before and After of The Big Solar Flash

The Big Solar Flash – Divine Advice

Lightworkers I’m told to create this post to prepare you for what’s coming. I’m sure you can feel how close we are to the final events that would bring us to the new Earth and complete alignment. The divine love to call the final phase, not the Big solar Flash, but the Complete clearing of the Veil and the old consciousness.

There were so many timelines at play in January asking us to prepare the lightworkers for all case scenarios. Now the energy of the planet has reached a high enough frequency that worst case scenarios are no longer needed to occur. We’re most probably preparing for the solar flash directly as the next step. 

The Divine are working full speed to help align all the energies of all the planets, humans and consciousness on earth with the Solar Flash. 

There were attempts to bring us the flash many times, and it is probably when you felt so much great intensity moving through you, as you indeed you were anchoring the energies of the big flash. The guidance from the divine was clear each time. “It’s time. It’s happening”, and the big intensity followed, and yet the solar flash didn’t yet complete. Why? Each time great shifts were initiated moving through more of that light consciousness everywhere. And yet everything needs to be perfect, to make sure that everyone and everything is aligned with that higher timeline. Alignment is the key, and that’s why the sun constantly emits solar flares now and there’s so much activity, we’re brought into that alignment. 

After each attempt it took a month later for the next, then after that few weeks, then after that, only days before the next attempt. From January until now late April everything speed up so fast, what used to take years now the frequency aligns within a matter of days.

The Big Solar Flash Energies 

But now the guidance that comes through is very clear: “The energies of the solar flash are pushed through constantly now. There’s no stopping it.” I’m shown a giant bright energy, try to fit a small threshold. They are constantly trying to ‘squeeze’ the energy through now. Sometimes there’s a blockage it delays, other times, it moves right through. We are however during that constant phase of alignment until there’s no longer any effort. Remember, everything first happens in energy. Once it completes then we’ll see it arrive in the physical.

And the Divine see the bigger picture, they see the final timeline is the one we’re in because they see it already done. It’s completed, done, they know it’s just a matter of time and nothing is stopping it.

So as we lie in wait, waiting for more of the sun spots to emerge, more of the alignment to conclude they want me to help prepare you for the next phase.

What to do during The Big Solar Flash

You will know it’s time. You will feel it moments or hours before it arrives. There will be a clear knowing within you. Then your body would feel lethargic. As time moves on you will feel more and more lethargic and you’ll know you need to lay down.

Don’t fight it. Just rest and sleep knowing that you are safe. If someone is not home, depending on how fast they feel the energies moving through them, they might choose to get home to lay down. If however lethargy gets so strong, just find a safe spot and lay down. You would be safe because your loving soul family would be with you looking after you.

You might see the light enter and you’ll look at it around you, on your skin, in the trees, in the atmosphere but it might be bright so you don’t have to focus on it.

While you sleep your body would rejuvenate, active all your DNA strands, your soul would be traveling however. It would be like you are in a comma. Your body is alive, and yet your soul travels. You would be guided to a spaceship, a star system, or an important location that matters to your soul mission. There, loving guides and angels would be with you. Sort of like when your higher self has decided the mission before reincarnation, you would be given choices to choose your life on the new earth, or instructions or activations. 

Upon return to your human body, you would awaken and everything would seem lighter, brighter. You will look in the mirror and you’ll no longer see the same person, but your soul and all your reincarnations. The veil will no longer exist. You will be in bliss, harmony, peace, alignment, you would be and feel one with all.

If others are sleeping still don’t wake them. Be patient. They need to conclude their own transmissions. If you have pets you would notice that they too are sleeping. Lightworkers would only need 24 hours of sleep, the others would need more time.

After you have awakened drink lots of water.

Don’t rush to go outside. Stay in until you make sure it’s time and the energies have fully integrated. You’ll know. You’ll know the answer to any question, you’ll feel the bliss and the connection with all. 

The new journey begins after that. We’ll know what to do.

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