The New Earth – Part 1 – The Universe

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Welcome to 197 Hertz, the 7th Dimensionth Live Experience, we are channeling from a DNA Satellite on frequency 197. Messages from the 6th Dimension starts right now, 6th Dimension means the realm of breaking through your beliefs and navigate through unlimited imagination.

This is John, I’m channeling from the 5th Dimension, and I’m here to translate a 6th dimension message, to a 5th dimension, and then break it to the 3rd Dimensional communication form, this message from Laws, which means, the information I’m going to share is a mix of some conceptual theories about the universe, quantum physics, and psychology; Creating a new philosophy, which seems more like a live experience. This is only a forced imagination that is popping to our minds very lately.

Unusual things happening but all is so real. Life is running faster than ever in the past. Everything is seemingly falling apart, but you have this deep knowing that everything is on the right track, and everything will be fine, and you really trust your feelings this time in an incredible way.

Dear, Congratulations! Welcome to the New Earth! Now, What is the new earth? Why it is happening? When it is happening? Why it is good for humanity?

If you love watching the sky, the stars, the universe, Then I’m sure you would love to hear what I’m going to say.

Let’s get Started!

All Theories about the universe, how it started, what we here on media, in philosophy, from well known scientists, it is a confusion, of what we believe, and how we refer a meaning to the universe according to our understandings of our programmed sub-conscious mind.

Note: all the information is a mixed imagination of different theories that doesn’t reflect any limitations in believes of the author, always open to change.


16 billion years ago, The Universe was a very small pin point, very powerful energy, made of electrons, protons, and neutrons. This powerful energy has very high temperature and the elements cannot align to form atoms then to molecules then to particles because of the ultra heat.

After three hundred thousand years, and because the heat radiates light, this light from all directions started to find a way at a speed of three hundred thousand kilometers per second approximately.

If during that time the universe was a pin point sized object, then the light path was formed in the non-existence.  This means the existence started within the non existence, the light navigated in the non existence, in the darkness, in the silence, in the non movement, in the no time to create this form of the beautiful life, with no coincidences creating a beautiful cosmic and planetary life.


The universe expansion is taking place till now and at the fastest speed of expansion since the big bang.

However, the universe is all connected with a gravity network. Some theories claims universe will slow down in a certain period of time, and will stop expanding because the gravity in the center of the network will be stronger then the outer dimension of the universe. Outer dimension is a void between the edges of the universe and the very infinite beginning of a new creation, generated by the universal light rays of all kinds mixed with particles.

Now, as the contraction theory applies, what is next?

The universe will contract regardless of the speed, and will return back to the pin point size.

Does the universe end here? What is next?

Kindly check the upcoming video on the New Earth shift in Frequency from 3D to 5D Part 2.

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