The Rebellious Hunt

Energy and Affirmation Reading: The Rebellious Hunt
  • “From quiet and peaceful, to rapturous and vibrant, I feast upon the sumptuous banquet of my soul’s journey of rainbow-wisdom.” Alana Fairchild
  • “I am willing to accurately perceive the truth in whatever life situation is now helpful for my spiritual growth and creative awakening. I feel empowered to commit to myself and my path, without fear or holding back. I receive this vision through unconditional love. So be it” Alana Fairchild
  • “I am open to receiving the support, guidance, protection and assistance that I need to manifest the legacy of light that shines through me now. I release any conscious or unconscious attachment to beliefs or relationship patterns that hold me back from fully shining my light in the world.” Alana Fairchild
  • “My life is easy and full of synchronicity. I follow the most Divine path for me.” Inna Segal
From the quiet and calm to the rapturous and vibrant, the spirit dances through the boundaries of you and your ancestral plane. . . .
Grandmother urges us to understand that which is part of the sacred rebellion. Rebels are those who risk much in the name of radical change; and to break a system from the inside out.
Grandmother reminds us to take Juniper in as a blessing to cleanse the modern sickness of the soul through our old medicine ways. Soothe the aches that strike the heart in just the right place. The element of Air is a powerful ally and a bridge between the ethers and our humanity.
No longer will we be the hunted; but that of the hunter ahead of centre capable of seeing the truth and responding creatively to craft a new path out of the repetitive struggle. Take your time; even through deadlines for mother nature is by your side. There is the legacy of Light that which is your birthright existing for you, every day. Call upon this sacred purpose for you cannot ignore without the detriment to your senses.
Fill your soul and calm your body mind. Envision the coral bridge bringing forth more synchronicity and ease onto your life. Take Pause to cherish the present moments and savour the simple presence.
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