The Return of Prosperity

Weekly Energy and Affirmation:
The Return of Prosperity
  • ‘My first chakra is open to its perfect healthy state. I am strong, stable, safe, and secure. The Archangel Michael guides and supports me always.’  Sandra Anne Taylor
  • “I am blessed with an abundantly spiritual life. Every day in every way, my joyous prosperity grows and grows.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • ‘I am energized and empowered to bring my ideas to life. I release any fear that they won’t live up to the perfection of my ideas or fantasies. I give them permission to become what they want to be, in service to life. In releasing these ideas into form, I open up to receive new ideas and inspirations. I am helped with this process through unconditional love, for the greater good. So be it.’ Alana Fairchild
  • “Divine Spirit, please infuse me with the energy of persistence, confidence, and success.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • “I allow my mind and body to be cleansed inside and out.” Inna Segal
Our stability and security has been shaken up these past few years bringing with it a lot of worry and desperation within our core foundation. Archangel Michael lends a hand on the front lines where sometimes we are in need of patience to find our way out of the grips of emotion.
As we find the stillness within us, the gardens show signs to sprout at the gate of readiness. It is the readiness to bloom and with it the sign of security and safety returning home.
Grandmother reminds us that there are times when the darkness needs to unfold through the familiar. As the hunt with our intuition continues, patience is restored and dreams manifest through an unconditional pace.
Feel into your being and begin to allow your unique creative process to unfold however it is willed to do so. Here is the time to establish the new meaning of prosperity.
Allow the Scarlet rays to continue aiding with your success and desires. Allow yellow rays to continue purifying your most eager intents, and to heal the body through digesting the past of yesteryears.
This is the key to the return of prosperity
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