The Root Chakra; from my awakening perspective

Imbalance Symptoms

Anxiety disorders, fears, nightmares, colon, bladder, elimination, lower back, legs, feet, as well as eating disorders.

These blockages starts as early as infancy and can be understood through Erik Erikson Stages; Trust vs Mistrust

In this stage, things given or not given to what you need to feel safe and secure in the world. It is where and how our being harmonizes and becomes conditioned genetically, environmentally, emotionally and spiritually.

All our cells are living memory banks evolving and devolving as we grow and experience. Balance to the conditioned is definitely key to sustainability

Anxiety disorders, fears and nightmares are manifestations of protective ego self. The ego is brought to our being as a ‘rule’ over our whole being. If you live within the boundaries of your ego self your blockage grows, ego grows and your true being is walled within.

To understand more about the ego, there are some books or sites to see;

101 defenses by Jerome Blackman

Protecting the Self by Phebe Cramer

Personality Types; Don Richard Biso & Russ Hudson

Character and Neurosis; Claudio Naranjo

These defensive tactics of the super ego,reptilian ego and defense ego result in being out of touch with yourself with lack of feeling and self protecting from physical, emotion and psychological pain.

Colon, bladder and elimination, lower back, legs and feet are the manifestation from addictions like GMO foods, regular and diet cola, legal/illegal drugs, alcohol, work, games, sex, etc. Everything and anything that is done excessively can be considered an addiction. Moderation of everything and a gradual shift to positive flow addictions can be essential for balance.

Understand your addictions used in your everyday life.

Once you are aware of your unconscious self, you have a point to work from to open your root chakra.

I started by eliminating all foods except smoothies (fruit, greek yogurt, almond milk, chia and quinoa seeds) and salads (quinoa, angora and spinach) for a week. After a week I reintroduced myself to eating a few extra foods and drinks each week. This helped me to be more conscious as to what Im doing. I was aware of how certain foods made me energized, sleepy, achey, etc.

There are many ways to begin with opening your Root Chakra after foods and addictions aren’t holding it hostage;


Dance like no one is watching

Get on a yoga mat:

Practice crossing legs and stretching and feeling comfortable close to the ground. Make up some of your own moves and play with your breathing.

Take a shower

play with the water temperature and stretch and sing and use different textures to wash with.

Get a pedicure:

Show love in your feet. embrace them for they keep you grounded in many ways that we haven’t  truly appreciated. The feet deserve love and inclusion in the root chakra.                   (I personally, really struggle with this)

Tai Chi:

Classes are found close to you and they are quite inexpensive. There are also youtube videos you can find if you want to try them at home. There are all together 108 moves the help your body maintain active circulation, balance and control. Tai Chi originated with the ninth-century Taoist philosopher Li Daotzu (or Li Tao-Tzu), who defined the first 37 moves in a book. here is a link to help understand the first 17 moves;


Classes can be found in many fitness facilities around you and prices can vary since fitness places usually work on monthly fees.

Yoga Poses for strengthening

Shavasana, Tadasana, Virabhadrasana,

Bandha Yoga

Kegal exercise

There are YouTube videos and books with Yoga positions that can help with specific poses for opening the root chakra. I found a nice simple root yoga to start:

Zen meditation:

You find a comfortable place where you are not disturbed or too hot or too cold and sit in quiet and practice silencing the mind. There are some links that can help guide you through and help you understand it is possible.

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